Gossard Colour Clash, 30F

I lusted over this set, at about the same time last year, yet it just fell short of my christmas wish list as the Firecracker Deco pipped it to the post. I finally got my hands on it, in Gossard’s sale room at a great price, I got the bra in a 30F, the knickers and suspender belt in XS.

Photo on 19-11-2013 at 09.30 #2

The bra: It is half-padded, the red part at the bottom has foam padding whilst the pink lace on top is unpadded, this gives a sort of retro-y pointy shape to it. The straps are thick and fully adjustable, they’re silky soft to the touch but I haven’t had any problem with the adjustors slipping down as of yet. The wires are average-narrow, they work quite well for me. The back has a 3 hook fastening, which in this style comes in F cup and above. The strappy band at the back is a signature of Gossard bras, and looks really cool here with the big thick straps.

Photo on 19-11-2013 at 09.31

Photo on 19-11-2013 at 09.30 #3

Photo on 19-11-2013 at 09.30 #4

The fit: First off, it’s too small in the cup, I have cutting in across the top of my boob and I could probably use a 30FF in this. If you’re between sizes like me, choose your bigger size. The band is okay, it is firm for a 30 band. I’m wearing it on the tightest hook and could probably use a 28 in order to get more wear out of it, but this is not a huge complaint. As I mentioned, the shape is kinda pointy, I feel like this is deliberate and would look great under vintage dresses, I usually shy from anything even slightly pointy but this has swayed me a little.

The set: The matching bottoms in an XS fit well, and I think it looks great as a 3 piece set. The suspender straps are thick and silky like the bra straps, and I haven’t had an issue with slipping on these either. The same material for the bra (sans foam padding) is used for the knickers and belt, red satin and pink lace.

Photo on 19-11-2013 at 09.30

My verdict? I love it as a set, the colours are loud and bright. Most of the 3 piece sets I own err on the side of sexy; black lace, strappy straps, etc. this is still sexy, but in a more fun way. I love it.  I know the bra doesn’t really fit, but this is one item of lingerie I’m keeping as a ‘looks great’ one, rather than an ‘amazing fit’ one.

3 thoughts on “Gossard Colour Clash, 30F

  1. This set is super adorable, I thought about getting it myself for a while! The Retrolution fits pretty much the same. You look awesome on it 😀

  2. Tee hee. I own this bra as well (30FF, smidge small in the cups and could do with 30G I think). I like it for the opposite reason that you do. It fits well enough, but I can’t stand how it looks except the back, which is cool. I’ve decided it will be my winter bra, since I can hide the shape under many layers of clothing and nobody sees it.

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