Plus Size Bra Review: Ewa Michalak ‘PL Charlie’

I have come out of blogging respite to bring you a review of one of my new favorite bras 🙂

I recently purchased and received one of Ewa Michalak’s AW bras, the PL Charlie


The PL Charlie is available up to a 42JJ for about $55 + shipping

On my first run, I ordered this bra in a 95J (42J). I have gained some weight as noted in a previous post, and the weight gain has impacted my band size and also my cup size. The Stalowka that I have in a 90J is okay in the band, but too small in the cups and I have not worn it in a long time.

Anyways, here’s the photos of this gorgeous piece of lingerie…


Sorry for the grainy quality; blogging for a year and a half and still taking selfies!Image


Features: Fully adjustable straps, four rows of three hooks and eyes, insertable cookies for extra padding or to correct asymmetry, button detailing where straps meet cups, big white ribbon bow on center gore, narrow wires

Fit: The gore is nice and flat in this size, and the cups contain all of my breast tissue. I emphasize the word breast tissue, because even in this new EM size that I am trying, I am still running into the problem of the wires being too narrow + too low for my armpit fat to be pulled into the cups. It’s not uncomfortable by any means, and my weight gain has resulted in quite a bit more armpit fat…BUT, the cups fit, and I don’t get any spillage of actual breast tissue. The band was immediately comfortable on first try on, and I do think that I will have to tighten up very early on into the life of this bra.

Support and Shape: As with any EM bras, I get a much more lifted and forward facing shape than I do with any other brand of bras that I wear (Curvy Kate, Elomi, etc.). The support of the PL is definitely more of a relaxed, jiggly cleavage kind of support though. It has its place. The shape is nice and rounded and lifted.

Look and Feel: Menswear inspired pieces are always a welcome change of pace to the normal florals and jewel tones that we see in most lingerie collections. I really love the print, and I really love the buttons and bows on this bra. It’s classy but sexy. The inside of the cups are lined with cotton, which I think is a nice touch.

Other thoughts: This is really nicely made. I love EM bras for their style, support and shape, but the caveat that I always have to cope with is the narrow wires (which I don’t need/want), as well as the limited functionality of these bras for me. I work with children, and this level of support/cleavage is not warranted nor is it comfortable for a long day at work. However, these bras are fantastic for dresses, sexy time, etc. I have a hard time spending $55 on a special occasion bra….but I do love this and it is worth it, at least to me. I do love that there are four rows of hooks and eyes, as I feel like I will get more life out of this bra as it is worn.

Overall Grade: A …. I would grade it an A+ except for my own quirks with the brand. 

Other Reviews of this Bra: Miss Underpinnings (65G) 

I did decide to order this bra in a 95JJ (42JJ) to see if I could tuck any more armpit chub into the cups…BUT I also started working with a personal trainer again, so I’m hoping that I don’t really need a 95JJ in the long run. I also have an SM Nana, S Grace, PL Gazeta (SQUEAL!), and the matching panties for the PL Charlie on their way, so expect reviews hopefully, fingers crossed, before the new year.


15 thoughts on “Plus Size Bra Review: Ewa Michalak ‘PL Charlie’

  1. Great review. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one that finds some wires too narrow/low in bras. When will someone develop a bra wore built for us more endowed ladies or am I missing out somewhere?

    • Hey Karin!

      Elomi, Panache and Curvy Kate have wider wires, if that’s what you’re in need of! Those are the brands I typically wear, but I cannot resist the lure of beautiful Ewa Michalak bras!


  2. If you need wider wires with the infamous polish shape and lift, try the Avocado “F” style of cut. I am usually very happy with the narrow wires from EM and found the “F”styles I bought were too wide. The Louisa only somewhat, the Rococo very much so and the cup ran by on Rococo by at least a full size. I usually wear a 32ff and ordered 70h, for reference.

  3. How have you gotten a PL Gazetta? Asked for it? I am interested, but it is only in CHP and since I find the S style fairly low coverage and quite jiggly already, and really didn’t dare to try a CHP as that would be even lower, right? But a PL Gazetta might work.

  4. Thank you for the review! I have a wedding coming up (I’ll be a bridesmaid) and the dress I’ll be wearing showing cleavage. I’m a 34-36HH and I don’t have anything other than older bras that are the wrong size and two full coverage bras. I’m looking for a bra that I can wear that won’t show with my dress, and ideally I would like it to fit properly (spilling out of an older, smaller bra is not ideal, but my only current option). I’m think of picking this up (I LOVE the look!), but I’m not sure whether to get an 85 or 90 in the band. It sounded from your review that the band runs loose, is that true?

    • Hi Lynne!

      A 90 band is equivalent to a 40 band here, so I do think that that would be too big for you. 85 = 38 band, 80 = 36 band, and 75 = 34 band. You might want to start with a 36HH (80HH) and see how that works for you. But I do feel as though this is a comfier material with quite a bit of stretch in it, and so you may find that a 34J might work best for you. Typically with PLs you want to go up a cup size bigger than what you usually wear.

      Hopefully that isn’t too confusing and helps you somewhat. Let me know what you end up ordering! Also, they have beige and white PL bras on their site, too, so check out to see what else they’ve got 🙂


  5. I love this bra’s look! And your reviews are “AWWWsome” I just received a new blog post from you about Polish sizing, however its asking me for a “password” to read it. What’s the password?

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