Freya Marvel review, 28FF

The Marvel is a new cut-and-sew style from Freya for AW 13, it’s available in plain beige, white print and black print, I got the latter from a couple of weeks ago. 

First impressions: The print is lovely, tiny purple circles with white shadows, but I am slightly disappointed by the lace-ribbon on the edge of the cups, as it’s overlaid on the top of the pattern, whereas in the promo photos it was the edge of the cup; here’s what I mean.

1. Promo photo





















2. How the bra actually looks on an asks model.



I get it, there’s not much difference, but I really like the sheer purple edging and I was quite disappointed. However, the print is lovely, Freya seem to be coming out with some great prints at the moment and I love it. 

The band is tighter than ‘loose’ Freya 28 bands like the deco, which is great news for me. The band and straps are fairly wide for this size, closing with a 2 hook fastening and the straps are fully adjustable.

Image  The wires are typical for Freya, not particularly wide or narrow, and the cups feel deeper than the padded half cups I’ve tried such as the totally tartan and the patsy. The side sling gives a front-and centre appearance, and the shape from the side is subtle and rounded, a surprisingly good shape on me for an unpadded bra. 




Image You can sort-of see, the cup is just a bit too big for my smaller boob (my right), I would consider trying a cup size down if it didn’t fit my bigger boob quite well. 






Overall? This is a good everyday bra for those who don’t like moulded/padded bras. It fits true to size and gives a good shape for under t shirts with no lumps or bumps, very functional! But for me, not very exciting. See how some other bloggers liked it; Petite and Plentiful (28E),  Bratabase Blog (34G), Bras I Hate and Love (32H)




6 thoughts on “Freya Marvel review, 28FF

  1. I tried this in 30H and need to write a review for it, but I had issues with overflow at the center. That said, the bra felt incredibly comfortable and gave an almost Cleo-esque shape under clothes. Maybe they’ll expand sizes in the future? 😀

    • Hi there 🙂

      Freya is UK sized, you can tell because US sizing wouldn’t have an FF cup, it’s generally easier to use your UK size because the US can be inconsistent and difficult to wrap your head around (it gets weird after DD!)

      AW13 just refers to the season that the bra came out, AW = autumn/winter, SS= spring/summer and the numbers denote the year.

      I hope this helps.

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