#Supporteverymove : Panache Sports Bra review

**This bra was provided by Panache Lingerie for review purposes, in support of the 2014 Sports Campaign. This does not impact my opinion whatsoever**

I recently got the chance to try out the Panache sports bra, it’s only the second sports bra I’ve tried after using my worn out Shock Absorber compression sports bra for the past 6 months or so. For those unsure, a compression bra does just that, it compresses/squashes your boobs to your chest and cuts down bounce that way, an encapsulation bra like the Panache one has moulded cups that support from below, no squashing, and for me much more comfortable and effective for the general gym-exercises and yoga that I do.

The bra:

The cups are relatively deep with what I’d call average width underwires, made of moulded foam that’s flexible (more flexible than the moulding on say the Freya Deco) and very comfortable to wear.


The straps are wide and padded over the shoulders and half adjustable at the back. This is usually a problem for me but not here, there’s a J-hook at the back! Putting the straps into racerback shortens them and adds support, it looks pretty cool, and quite a few gym tops I’ve seen are racerback style too so this can be worn with no straps showing.



The underwires! They’re padded! This is absolutely my favourite feature of this bra, because it is ridiculously comfortable (pst! This makes a brilliant that-time-of-the-month-sore-boobs bra).

The band is wide with a padded 3 hook fastening for maximum support and comfort, I find it to fit true to size and firm enough to be supportive without feeling too tight.


The Fit:

I find this to be really true to size, I have heard others say that it is big in the cup compared to panache’s other bras, but I haven’t found this myself, although using the J-hook at the back does make the cups feel slightly smaller when it’s fastened. The band is a true 28 too, although the width of it can make it feel firmer, this is plenty supportive on my 26.5″ ribcage so might still be an option for those who need smaller bands.

The Look:

The colours are amazing on all of these bras, and I’m a huge fan of the bright combinations. I received the raspberry, but I’m a huge fan of this bra and now have it in the blue/lime combination as well. These are the kind of bras that I want to wear as a gym top and show off, and they definitely bring some fun to working out.


My verdict? This is the best sports bra I’ve tried by far, but it’s more than just a sports bra, it’s an everyday bra and a comfy-time lounging around bra too. Getting this bra really kickstarted my working out again, at first just for the novelty of using my new bra, but it began a real lifestyle change for me, I recommend this bra anytime anyone mentions the words ‘Sports bra’.

3 thoughts on “#Supporteverymove : Panache Sports Bra review

  1. I totally agree about the Panache Sport being a great everyday bra. In fact, it’s not such a great high impact sports bra for me (not supportive enough with the regular straps, straps too short on me to convert to racerback), but it is now pretty much all I wear for standard daily endeavors. I mean, I have one plunge bra for times I want a lower neckline than the Panache can accommodate (which, I mean, the Sport’s neckline is pretty high). And I have 4 Panache Sports.

    And while I sort of do wish they’d offer some less bright color options (even white shows under light tops for me… I’d love to see apricot, caramel, mocha colourways)… that is from the me who wears these as everyday bras, not so much the person who wears them as sportswear (though I still wear them for low impact activities).

  2. Hi there! I’ve used the traditional panache sports bra for running (I’m a 36G…post a reduction many years ago). I wonder how they compare? I too have said it was the best sports bra I’ve ever tried (hands down).

    • Hehe oops!!!! Just realized that this IS the same bra! Your blog’s logo on the photo made me think that this was a new and improved “Fussy Busty” version. Can I claim that it is far too early for me to be thinking straight this morning?!

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