S Porcalanka review: 65F

I ordered this bra after seeing how well it worked for Nicole here, and to see how the fit of the S style is comparable in a smaller size range, as there can often be big differences. I ordered a 65F, and I find it to fit at around a UK28F, being a bit smaller in both the cups and band than a standard UK30F.

The cups are padded, 3 part construction that is a little more closed on top than I would like, making the cup edge dig in just a little across the top, especially on my bigger boob. If you’re very full on top then tread carefully with this bra. The band is small for a 30 as I mentioned, but I have notices that the bottom of the band is tighter than the top, and this does bug me a bit after wearing it for a few hours.


The gore is very narrow, and the wires almost overlap at the centre as with most Ewa Michalak bras, and this is probably my favourite feature of them as a brand, being suitable for close set boobs like my own. The straps are half adjustable but still short enough for me, which doesn’t happen often. The front of the straps is thicker and stretchy whilst the back half is embroidered; this makes it difficult to adjust although means that once it is adjusted it won’t slip out of place. The straps are wide set, too wide on my petite frame, this is an issue I have with some balconettes and most Ewa Michalak bras, save for the 3D and 3DM.

The bra is very comfortable, I experience no wires digging in or straps slipping off my shoulders, the padding is lightweight and supportive, great for an everyday bra. It’s not that much of a looker in my opinion, the charm at the front is cute and the lace edging on the cups is a nice touch (although may show through a tight top), but that’s not usually what I’m looking for in a beige bra.

Overall yes, this is a good everyday bra, but I don’t quite get the ‘wow’ factor that Nicole did.

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