Plus Size Swimwear Review: Elomi ‘Isis’ SS’13

This is what the Isis looks like on a model:







And this is what it looks like on me…..


Photo lightened to show detail; much apologies about the graininess of the photo.



When I tried this, I got the swim bra in a 40HH, the bottoms in a 20 and the top in a 20. All US sizes.

Here is the swim bra:





The bra gives a gorgeous shape from the front…and I don’t know if you can see in the second photo…but the wires are impossibly high and fairly narrow for Elomi’s bras.

I did feel as though I could have used a larger size in the swim top, but I don’t know that one was available at the time I ordered.

PROS: The swim bra is a bandeau bra and, as such, is multiway. I loved that it could be strapless, halter, racerback, or even just the traditional way. Also, the bra has boning in the front and sides of the cups to really shape your bust and hold it up. The actual style of the swimsuit is super cute, and in the right size, could be very flattering.

CONS: The wires on the side of the bra were impossibly high. Also, the band is super stretchy (and only clasps with a bikini clasp) so I was really worried about how this would do in the water. The swim top doesn’t really allow for a whole lot of bust room on the upper end of the size range, so just keep that in mind if you decide to try this. Also, the gore on the swim bra is impossibly wide. With this being a padded swim bra + a wide gore, I had a lot of fit issues. No matter what I did, I could not get the gore to lay flat. I need a thinner gore (usually 0.75″ or less) and this gore was 1″ wide at the top, 4.5″ tall, and probably closer to 2″ wide at the bottom by the band. Also, price is a con….this is on sale now, but it wasn’t when I ordered it to try it.

Happy summer!



Plus Size Swimwear: Elomi ‘Regatta’ SS’12


The Regatta SS’12 Swimsuit, available in select sizes, up to a 22 (for the cami), and separate swim bra and bottoms

I’ve been debating for a long time about whether I wanted to post pictures of myself in a swimsuit on the blog. And then I saw that the Regatta was on sale at Nordstrom and I thought “Why not? It would be lovely to have a swimsuit with a great fitting bra underneath.”

So here’s my experience with the Regatta:



I ordered the cami in both an 18 and a 20, bottoms in an 18 and a 22, and the swim bra in both a 42H/HH and a 40H/HH. Pictured here is the Cami in a 20, 18 bottoms, and a 40H/HH swim bra




The suit is comfortable, and it’s nice to have multiple pieces to build upon. The cami was $64.80, bottoms $28.80 and the swim bra was  $42.00….equating to $135.60. And that’s the sale price! Granted, you could get your own swim bottoms somewhere else for much cheaper, and/or you could just wear the swim bra under an existing swimsuit you already own. But oh my goodness.  A 2013 Elomi Swimsuit is about $230 if you buy all three pieces.

Pros: Bra based swimwear provides awesome support, and it’s nice to have the different pieces to build upon. It’s a cute style and the red drawstring lets you take the top into a deeper v-neck. I also really liked being able to order three different sizes so that I could get the best fit on ALL of my body 🙂

Cons: I’ve found that when in water, the natural buoyancy of my breasts makes the bra float, meaning that the wires drift up on the swim bra and stab me under the arms. This is exacerbated by the armholes of the swim cami being cut quite high. Needless to say, when swimming, the combination of the swim bra and cami give me a complex and I can’t stay in the water very long because it’s really uncomfortable. Also, the swim cami is flared, so with the slightest movement, the cami drifts up, exposing my midriff. For me, I don’t really feel comfortable being exposed, so a torso length cami that drifts up seems really pointless in some ways, at least for my own comfort level.

Swim bra features: Fully adjustable straps, standard bikini clasp, four part cup construction, and medium width gore

Because I got this in a sale, I certainly had some fun trying some different sizes and seeing what worked. There are still many sizes on sale out there on various websites.


Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi ‘Renee’


Image courtesy of Elomi Lingerie


The Renee is available in sizes 34 G-JJ, 36-42 E-JJ, and 44 E-G for about $70.00 from various retailers

When I tried this bra, I ordered it in both a 38J and a 40J; I decided that the 40J was the best fit of the two I received.




I think I would have liked to see what a 40JJ did for my side fluff that seems to be a problem, however I did have empty space in the top of these cups and the problem would only have been exacerbated more with a bigger cup size.

Features: Fully adjustable straps, bows on straps and gore, 4 part cup construction, banded bra, floral print, 3 rows of 3 hook-and-eyes in the 40J and the 38J.

Fit: To me, this seemed like a whole lot of bra. However, I would say that the band of the Renee runs truer to size than most Elomi bras, as the band did not stretch as much as I would have expected. The straps are more centered on the cups (instead of more to the outside of the cups), and I think that this is why the bra cuts in so much in the arm area; I like a more wide set strap because I have fairly broad shoulders I guess, and this centered strap placement didn’t really appeal to me. Although, it was nice to have the weight of my breasts set differently on my body. As mentioned, there was some gaping at the top of the cup.

Support and Shape: The support in this bra was very secure, and the shape is what you can expect from Elomi’s banded bras (think the Libby as well).

Wire Height and Width: No complaints; the wires were comfortable under my arms, and were a good width for covering all of my side tissue.

Look and Feel: I was a little disappointed with this bra. The stock photo on the model makes the Renee look a little Victorian and sexy with the sheer upper panel of the bra. However, I think this must be a feature in the smaller cup sizes because the Renee in a 40J was fully lined, even in the top cup. To me, the bra looks a little less delicate. Also, the material used is similar to the material that Elomi uses for the Betty bras (starchy, less flexible, and heavy), and I think the material mutes the pretty flower print, making this bra look almost rather depressing.

Pros: Centered straps are great for people with narrow shoulders, the support is spot on, and the banded portion provides that bit of extra support.

Cons: The press photos are misleading in that the larger cup sizes are fully lined, and the material is (personally) not my favorite.

Overall Grade: A-

**I’m gearing up to celebrate the blog’s 1st anniversary, so please keep your eyes open for contest details in the next couple weeks! 🙂 ***


Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi ‘Rita’ Multi-way Bra

I tried this bra both in a 38J and in a 42HH (to account for there being no 40J)…..The bra reviewed here is a 42HH. The cups in the 38J were too small for me.


IMG_3825 IMG_3833 IMG_3741


Features: 4-part cup construction, fully adjustable straps, 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes, wide center gore, J-hook option for racerback, scalloped detail.

Fit: The cups in the 42HH are a smidge too big for me, which is better than being too small. Also, the band is too big on me, and this tends to ride up throughout the day. The gore does not sit all the way flat, mostly due to the cups being a bit too big and there not being enough tension on the wires.

Wire Height and Width: The wires are a normal width for Elomi bras, and a little bit higher than some of their other styles like the Abi or the Valentina.

Support and Shape: The support and shape of this bra is similar to what you can expect from Elomi bras; always more wide and less pronounced than other brands (like Panache or Ewa Michalak). The racerback option really gives great lift when you use it. I REALLY dislike the floppiness of Elomi’s bands; basically, the material for the band is really, really, really stretchy and even in a super snug or super big band size, their bands roll on my body. I need a firmer material (like with the Panache Sculptresse Bellise) that will tack to my squishy parts better. I literally have to have the band on this bra sit higher up on my back (away from my rolls) in order for it not to flip as bad.

Look and Feel: The materials are soooooo soft and cozy. I love the scalloped detail as it makes this bra flirty and fun.

Pros: Racerback option, color (hello PINK!!), style

Cons: The material is so loose and stretchy that it wrinkles a lot. The straps are fairly stretchy and long, which is different for Elomi.

Final Thoughts: I wear this at work a lot because it’s comfortable for a long day moving around. I will note that while the racerback gives a lot of support, I would recommend finding a good spot for your J-hook connection (it is adjustable), because if it is in the wrong place, it can put all of the weight of your breasts on your neck.

Overall Grade: B+

This bra is currently on offer at Nordstrom in limited sizes for about $40.00.


Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi ‘Libby’


The Libby is available in sizes 36-42 E-JJ, and 44 E-G for about $56.00

I had the chance to try the Libby in a 38J recently.





Features: limited stretch fully adjustable straps, 4 part cups with side support, bows on center gore and straps, full coverage, wide wires

Fit: You’ll notice that I’m trying more and more 38’s lately. While at first I’m like “Whoa, this is tight!” I can still pull the band 2-3″ away from my body, and the band is actually comfortable with longer wear. I like it because I know the band is going to stay in place. I’ve been having a lot of weird back pain lately because my bands aren’t tight enough (they slide around) and my back cracks a lot. It’s uncomfortable.

This is a full cup size and band size smaller than the Elomi Sakura I reviewed some months ago. What I really liked about the 38J was how encapsulating the cups are. In the 40J Sakura that I have, I don’t feel very secure, the wires are too wide, and the band is too big. In this, I get a much better fit. I will say, however, that the seaming on the top of the cups is fairly restrictive and definitely cuts into my larger breast.

Support and Shape: There’s no doubt about it that this bra really gives good lift. It is more of a natural rounded shape.

Other Thoughts: I’m quite wild about the contrast of the pink with the black. The print is quite lovely. Also, for a full coverage bra, this isn’t boring at all. I much prefer the fit of the 38J to the 40J.

Overall Grade: A

Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi ‘Energise’ Sports Bra

I’ve been putting off this review for about a month and a half, trying to give the Elomi ‘Energise’ sports bra a good run so that I could really give you all the best review I possibly can. I was so graciously gifted this bra for review by Eveden. This in no way influences my review of this bra.

I originally received this bra in a 38J, but had some problems with it. Alexis from Eveden very kindly offered to have a sample size 38JJ made for me to see how that worked. The pictures I am going to post are of the 38J (as the photos of the 38JJ aren’t really that different).

Image courtesy of Elomi


The Elomi ‘Energise’ Sports bra is available in sizes 34 GG-J, 36 DD-J, 38 D-J, 40 D-HH, 42 D-H, 44 D-GG, and 46 D-DD in colors white, black, and beige. Cost is about $65-75 depending on retailer.

Here are the pictures of the 38J:

As you can see in the photos, I did have some side overspill, which is why Eveden offered to have the sample 38JJ made for me. I will be assessing the fit and function of both the 38J and the 38JJ and discuss my thoughts on sizing for this specific bra.

Features: Underwired, non-compression sport bra (encapsulation style), minimal stretch straps, higher height cup to encase all of breast tissue and minimize bounce, non-stretch cup fabrics, 3 hook and eyes in the 38J, 4 hook and eyes in the 38JJ, higher wings on the sides for control and support.

Fit: The 38J was not big enough in the cups for me. Oddly enough, the band on the 38J felt looser than the band on the 38JJ which was quite snug at first wear but has relaxed after 5-6 wears and a couple washes. While the cups on the 38J were too small, the cups on the 38JJ are a little bit too big. While I can’t show you this because I haven’t posted pictures of the 38JJ, the wires on the 38JJ come back quite far on the side, and there is a little bit of space in the cups. A while ago (probably about 6 months), I had tried the Energise on at a Nordstrom’s just to see what it was like, but I couldn’t get the fit quite right then, either.

Support and Shape: This section of the review is a little bit different because of the purpose of the bra. Obviously, the shape is pointy – however, where this would normally bother me in an every day kind of bra, this does not bother me for a sports bra. In general, I would say that this bra makes my boobs look smaller, especially under clothing. The support is quite nice, and I will discuss in more depth in the next section (function) about the realistic uses of this bra.

Function: For me to describe the function of the bra, I want to share with you the types of exercises that I tried with this bra on….here’s what I’ve done in it and whether I think it was a good experience…

  • Running – Yes, the bra obviously controls bounce more than not wearing a bra would (or wearing a cheap-o sports bra over a regular bra). Yes, I have J cup breasts so I can’t really expect there to be no movement at all. However, after about a mile of running, I did start to feel that all too well known pain in the chest that comes from the bouncing of my large breasts. While I don’t think it’s impossible to use this bra for running, I must admit that I have had better luck wearing a compression style sports bra over the Energise. 
  • Personal Training – From jumping jacks to push-ups, the bra held up quite well. I’ve never been a huge fan of jumping jacks, but for short bursts of this up and down movement, the Energise is a welcome companion.
  • Weight Training – When you’re lifting weights, you’re not moving your body as much as you would in running, so I think that the Energise is great for this kind of activity.
  • Cycling/Biking – Again, not moving the upper body very much (if at all), so the Energise is perfect for this as well.

I have seen the Energise marketed as a medium impact control sports bra and I would have to agree with this. I would not really recommend the Energise for high impact sports for long periods of time – though you may have success in short bursts of high impact activity. 

Other thoughts: Because the wires in the 38JJ are more expansive than the 38J, I’ve found that the wires kind of bend away from my body and are quite pokey. Wearing the compression sports bra over the 38JJ keeps the wires from rubbing me in a bad way. I did not have this problem in the 38J – so if you have the right size, it should not be an issue. The four hooks and eyes on the 38JJ was interesting and a welcome change from the standard 3 hooks and eyes on UK brands. When I switched from wearing bras from LB to wearing UK brand bras, I desperately missed that extra hook and eye. I like the stability of the band of the Energise in the 38JJ.

I think that, overall, this sports bra could be made better by combining the already present encapsulation style support with compression materials to hold tissue more firmly to the body. The size range of the Energise is really quite amazing, and this means that a lot of women have the chance to have a well fitting sports bra that provides good support during workouts.

The control in the 38JJ vs. the 38J leads me to believe that Elomi could feasibly make and sell the Energise in a 38JJ and 40J to widen their market as the functionality of each size was quite similar. It will be interesting to see if they can expand the size range a little bit more, especially because Freya Active is going to start including K cups in their sports bras.

Overall Grade: A when used for its intended purpose 

Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi Betty

I promised this review to be posted on Saturday, and then I remembered that I don’t really blog/facebook/twitter much on the weekends 🙂



The Elomi Betty is available in sizes 34 GG-HH, 36-42 D-HH, 44 D-G, and 46 D-DD in the beautiful navy color (and soon in Black/White dot in December). Matching panties available in sizes M-4XL. I paid $68 for the bra, and $32 for the matching panties. I almost cried.

On my trip to size a friend at Nordstrom, I happened to see that they finally started carrying the Betty and matching shorts. I knew I shouldn’t have tried it on….because as soon as I did, I had to buy it. I bought the Betty in a 40HH, and the matching shorts in a 2XL.





Features: Fully adjustable straps, 3 hook and eyes, plunging center gore, 4 part cups including side sling to push tissue forward, embroidered rose detail, bows on straps and central gore, minimum stretch 1″ straps, mesh wings, banded bottom.

Fit: A 40HH is typically the size that I can wear in a lot of Elomi bras. I need a 38J, but a lot of Elomi’s styles do not come up to a J-cup (at least not most of the really cute bras). Anyways, I could use a smidge more space on the side of the cups, but overall, the fit is good. I’ve worn this a few times and even once for more than 5 hours. I do not feel as though I am going to fall out of the cups, as is what usually happens when I wear a plunge bra.

Support and Shape: The support in the Betty is fabulous!! The shape on the other hand…..a tad too point for my tastes. Admittedly, I would love a little more more “oomph”.  I would love for my girls to be smushed together a bit more for a bit more of a dramatic cleavage line. See here how it holds up under a few of my low v-neck shirts/dresses:


wrap dress

Wrap dress


As you can see, either my purple wrap dress is too low, or the Betty isn’t a good option for that dress. You also get more of an understanding of how pointy the Betty is in the side view.

Other Thoughts: I was really surprised by how stiff the material of the Betty was when I first got it. It reminded me of industrial strength netting that you would use to sew strange foundation garments. The panties are made of a similar material, though not as stiff. With multiple washes, the panties have definitely softened up, but the bra is still stiff. The material does not bother my skin, but it feels weird to touch. I do love the novelty of the Betty plunge, but as you can see, it’s not ideal for very low necklines, and gives quite a pointy shape. Other than that, the bra is quite comfortable, and you don’t fall out of it. I would have loved more oomph in this bra.

The Panty Experience: I did buy the matching panties in a 2XL. There’s no clear size conversion for Elomi’s panties, but I would say that the 2XL is comparable to a US 18/20. They are definitely much shorter than I am used to wearing (I typically wear full briefs), which is kind of hard to get used to. Also, they are completely sheer – hence no pictures. My husband really appreciates this characteristic, but I was kind of “meh” about it. The material of the panties is kind of slippery; when I wore them with jeans, I felt like my jeans were about to slide off of my bottom because of the panties. (maybe I need smaller jeans…)

Overall Grade: B…..the shape and the oomph of this bra could be improved! 

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Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi Sakura

The Elomi Sakura bra is actually a discontinued style, however, the new ‘Libby’ is built on the same frame. The Libby is available in sizes 36-42 E-JJ and 44 E-G in Raisin/Chocolate for AW ’12. Matching panties are available in sizes M-4XL

I remember seeing the navy blue print of the Sakura a while ago on HerRoom’s website and didn’t buy it. However, a couple weeks ago I happened to find the Sakura in Blossom on eBay in a 40J for only $27.50 (in my mind, quite the deal!). Yes I need 38’s, but I really wanted this bra and figured I could take in the band if need be.


Sakura, 40 J

Sakura, 40 J

Sakura, 40J

Features: Fully adjustable, minimal stretch straps, banded bottom, higher central gore – though not as high as the Caitlyn, 3 hooks and eyes, 4 part full coverage cup, bows on straps and center gore, and mesh wings.

Fit: In the 40J, there was a little bit of space in the cups as you can see. Also, I think in general, I’m struggling with how wide the wires are. I know that in Elomi bras, in a 40HH, I still get the same side coverage I need without the really wide wires (you can see in the Sakura that the wires are almost to my back). The wideness of the wires isn’t uncomfortable, but it looks silly and I worry that it won’t help in the retraining of my migrated tissue. The central gore sits flush against my chest BUT I have found that because of the height of the wires and the non-stretch materials of the cup, the bra tends to shift throughout the day, pushing the central gore away from my chest and giving me a bit of double boob on my bigger side. The band was surprisingly firm in the 40 when I first wore it, but it only took a day of wear for it to relax.

The band is not too tight, but no surprise to me, the bottom of it tends to flip up. The banded part of the bra flipped when I had only had the bra on for a couple minutes! I know that the Libby was often suggested to me when I first started buying bras in my more accurate size, and when I expressed concerns about the banded bottom, I was told not to worry. I think the reality is that I am really quite short waisted, so even the slightest bit of extra material around the wires is uncomfortable for me. Instead of me constantly flipping the band back down, I just let it flip and then go about my day as it is more comfortable without the band pressing on my tummy anyways.

Support and Shape: I very much prefer the shape of the Sakura than my other Elomi bras such as the Briony and the Abi; I feel as though I get much better lift in this bra and the shape is less wide. It might have something to do with the better anchorage of the banded bottom, but I’m no bra constructionist.

Other Thoughts: This bra is soooo pretty. It makes me happy to wear it. Probably not the sexiest thing, but I love all of the sweet touches of femininity on this bra. I wore this bra, and then wore my new Betty (review to come after a few more wears), which has led me to truly appreciate plunge bras as I love the lower central gores.

I would definitely recommend the Libby to anyone who is looking for a full coverage bra that provides great support and shape, without being as overwhelming (and work horse-like) as the Caitlyn.

Grade: A

Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi Hermione…love at first sight!

I was lucky to be able to purchase the Elomi Hermione Spacer Bra for a decent price of $54.00 by having a Nordstrom note for $20 off. This bra is expensive, but definitely worth every penny. Read on to see why 🙂

The Elomi Hermione Spacer Bra is available in sizes 34 G-HH, 36-40 DD-HH, 42 DD-H, 44 DD-GG, and 46 DD-FF. Bra is typically $74.00. Matching panties are available sizes M-4XL ($32.00). The Hermione is newly available in this lovely Navy, and is also in Fawn. It can be found in certain sizes in the delightful Charcoal (which I so want, but can’t find in my size 😦 )

When I first tried on this bra, I tried on a 40H because that was the size that Nordstrom had in the fawn at the time that I went. I did not buy it because  it didn’t fit in the cup and I wasn’t crazy about the price of the bra. However, the Hermione lingered in my lingerie lust bubble and I knew that I had to have it once I saw the September navy colorway release. I also happened to receive my $20 Nordstrom note in the mail 😀 I drug my husband off to Nordstrom again on Sunday and tried to see if there was a 40HH in the store for me to try. Well, I was only able to find a 42H (a sister to 40HH) and tried that to see if cup size might work. In my previous Elomi bras, I’ve felt like even though the 40Js fit, I could have sized down to a 40HH (now, I feel like I am somewhat bubbling out of the 40J in the Briony, though the Abi is still a perfect fit and I love to wear it).

Success! The 42H fit in the cup, but the store only carried the fawn. The salesgirl told me that they did not have any in the back (and did NOT offer to order the bra for me in another size….don’t get me started, but she was soooo ineffective at her job). Well, I promptly got in the car, downloaded the Nordstrom app on my iPhone and purchased the Hermione in navy in a 40HH. Yay! It arrived today and I am so excited to share this beauty with you 🙂

Pictures please!!


Features: To properly capture how special this bra is, I’m copying the description from Elomi’s website “Ultra-light, super-stylish and totally supportive, Hermione’s seamless spacer fabric traps a layer of air to create a rounded shape, without adding volume. With a new navy option for this season, Hermione is particularly comfortable for short-waisted figures”.  The bra has fully adjustable straps, three hooks and eyes, and has this gorgeous lace material on the side of the cup (I hope this is visible enough in the side view picture) that really adds that special touch. It has a lower center gore that makes it great for wearing under v-neck t-shirts (see pictures below). My favorite thing about Elomi as a brand is the 1″ wide straps that all of their bras have. I LOVE wide straps.

Fit: Compared to other Elomi bras like the Briony and the Abi, the Hermione band is quite firm. I would say that this band is a true 40 band (whereas the other bands were actually slightly bigger). I really appreciate the firmness of the band and I know that I will get more life out of this bra than my others. The cups are a near perfect fit for me in the 40HH. I think the only problem I have with the fit is the small bit of spillage at the top of the side of the bra. It’s not cut as high as some of my other bras and this sometimes leads me to think that the cup isn’t big enough…BUT a bigger cup would be uncomfortable as the wires on the Hermione already come back pretty far under my arm. I am comfortable with the fit of this bra. Other than that, I feel like the spacer fabric hugs my boobs in such a delicious way. The fabric is stretchy but not too much so, and really molds to your shape…not changing it, but enhancing it. The top seam of the cup is fairly firm, so if you have differences in breast size I think this is really important to be aware of. It *almost* cuts into my right breast a little, but it is not noticeable at all under clothing. The shape of the bra is what I imagine if a full coverage bra and a balconette had a love child.

Support and Shape: The support and shape of the Hermione make me want to cry. THIS is what I have been looking for all along. I have struggled so much with the shape from my Curvy Kate bras being too square, and with the shape of my other Elomi bras being too wide….but this…..this is heaven. Pure heaven. The shape is nice and rounded, and brings more of the tissue forward instead of to the sides. While the lift is not as “in your face” as what I get with my Andorra, the lift is suitable for everyday wear with many different outfits. I really cannot get over how great this bra looks.

Other thoughts: I know that it can be easy to balk at the $74 price tag. I get it. That’s a lot of money to spend on a bra….but this bra is TOTALLY worth it. It’s really hard to find a great t-shirt bra, especially in the upper cup size range, and I feel like the Hermione fulfills this need in a supportive, sexy and stylish way. I want every color of this bra. I can move, bend over, jump up and down, and do things around the house without feeling like I’m going to fall out of the cups.

Grade: A+

I recently purchased some cheapy long sleeve v-neck t-shirts from Old Navy. Look at how wonderfully the Hermione disappears under clothing. Such a great t-shirt bra!!!

Elomi Briony & Abi Review

I’m roping my Briony and Abi reviews together because they are, essentially, the same exact bra.



The Elomi Briony in claret is available in sizes 36-42 E-JJ, and 44 E-G for about $56.00

The Elomi Abi is available in both black and fawn, sizes 34 G-JJ, 36-42 E -JJ, and 44 E-G for $58.00

Matching panties for both are available in sizes M – 4XL

If you don’t know much about Elomi as a brand, their focus is on the “plus size, full busted” woman. I think this is easy to see in the size range that Elomi offers not only in their bras, but also in their matching panties. For me, this makes Elomi a bit of a more accessible brand as I fall easily into the middle of their sizing range.

While at Nordstrom’s last week, I purchased the Briony in Claret and the Abi in Fawn, both in a size 40J. I think I would prefer a 38JJ overall, but the 40J works for me.



Features: Both the Briony and the Abi have fully adjustable straps that are 1″ thick. The sateen cups are sturdy and supportive. There are bows on both the central gore as well as at the shoulder straps. Lace edging on the top of the cup provide a nice feminine touch. The cup itself is 4 parts (3 for the cup, and the fourth for the side panel/side support). Non-banded bottom and arched central gore for high tummy comfort. 3 hooks and eyes. Powernet wings.

Fit: The fit in the 40J is pretty good. I tried on a 38J as well as a 38JJ and I felt like I got more lift out of the 38, but ultimately, I wasn’t quite ready to go down to a 38 – especially because Elomi is the only brand that is stretchy enough for me to even try a 38. You can see that when I sit or slouch my shoulders, there’s quite a bit of room in the top of the cup (there’s also room in the side of the cup, too)….but this is not noticeable under clothing at all and isn’t quite a bother. The central gore lays flat against my sternum so there’s no problems there.

Support and Shape: As mentioned, the overall lift in the 40J isn’t amazing. The shape isn’t terrible under clothing, but I do feel as though both the Briony and the Abi make me look rather wide (the Panache bras force my breasts forward, making me look more centered and less east & west). When I look at myself in this bra I think “Yes, I am a 40J”. In other bras, I don’t necessarily feel that way. Aside from this, as mentioned, the shape and support under clothing is natural and rounded – not too pointy or anything of the like. It is definitely a full coverage bra. The wires are comfortable, and I LOVE how wide the straps are. The side support panel, for me, is not sturdy enough. I would appreciate a sturdier material here with more forward projection, but alas, that’s not how this bra is made. The wings on the side are taller, which I really like.

Other Thoughts: Even though this bra is a little too big for me in cup, and maybe band, I love how comfortable it is. I work 10+ hours with children most days and I do NOT have to readjust myself in the cup or anything throughout the day. I have worn the Briony many times and I actually just received the Abi today. I really appreciate the bandless aspect of this bra; with my Panache and Curvy Kate bras, the lace on the band tends to itch and irritate after a long day, which is not the case with these Elomi bras. They are comfortable and supportive for every day. Also, the seams are fairly invisible under knits (not all) making it a good choice as a t-shirt bra. The materias are nice and sturdy, yet also comfortable and feminine.

Score: B+