2014 Swimwear: Torrid Skirted One-Piece





Image Courtesy of Torrid….sorry for the size. Available in sizes 0-4 for $78.50

Well, it’s definitely that time of year again…..retailers are churning out their newest styles, colors and designs of swim suits to get you amped up for warmer weather. I’ll be honest….the ridiculous weather in Ohio is really starting to get to me. And any day that it’s 40 degrees feels like summer (that’s really how cold it has been here). As I write this post, there’s a winter storm warning (Titan, I am told), with the threat of schools being closed on Monday.

But I digress…. I’m always on the hunt for a good swim suit. When it comes to fit in the boob area, I am usually fairly lax with regard to swimming. As long as my nipples are covered and I have no fear of falling out, I don’t typically care how much cleavage there is. Also, I prefer one piece suits. This is a personal preference of mine. I also like skirted suits cause I am self conscious of my tummy and can hide it this way…

So imagine my sheer joy when I saw Torrid’s latest swim suit a week ago….(pictured above). While I wasn’t thrilled about the price, I loved the color and the shape of the suit. I decided to order it and give it a try.



Cute? Check. Color? LOVE. Shape? Pretty good. Fit???? Wellll…..

I ordered this in a 3 which is Torrid’s equivalent of a 22/24, roughly. I find that I currently wear about a 20 in Torrid’s jeans, and typically a 2 in their tops. My intention in ordering the 3 was so that I would have more boob room. Well…..when I went to put this suit on I was super surprised. Now, I know that this suit is specifically marketed as a hip concealer….but how can it conceal them if it’s impossible to get on? I really struggled to get this suit up over my hips, and the top only stayed up once I put the straps on (the straps are completely detachable). Not a good sign.

Also…the other fit problem….


Now I don’t consider myself to be tall, but if I remember anything from always having my measurements taken for ballet back in the day, I have a longer-ish torso. The problem with this suit is that it is too short in the torso area. In this photo, I simply took a wide step to the side and lifted up the skirt. You could clearly see my underroos. Now, if I didn’t have underroos on, this photo would be downright indecent for public swim time. Unfortunately, this makes the suit completely unwearable for me and I will be returning it. Remember, I’m only 5’4″, so this is pretty bad!

I also found that the straps very easily came unhooked (as you can see in the photos), which would be a problem for active swimming.

Pros: Color, shape, skirted silhouette

Cons: Length of torso, runs small, straps come easily unhooked


BONUS photo….a nod to Zoe over at Weirdly Shaped’s post about thinspo photos....

My thigh gap 🙂


Plus Size Swimwear Review: Elomi ‘Isis’ SS’13

This is what the Isis looks like on a model:







And this is what it looks like on me…..


Photo lightened to show detail; much apologies about the graininess of the photo.



When I tried this, I got the swim bra in a 40HH, the bottoms in a 20 and the top in a 20. All US sizes.

Here is the swim bra:





The bra gives a gorgeous shape from the front…and I don’t know if you can see in the second photo…but the wires are impossibly high and fairly narrow for Elomi’s bras.

I did feel as though I could have used a larger size in the swim top, but I don’t know that one was available at the time I ordered.

PROS: The swim bra is a bandeau bra and, as such, is multiway. I loved that it could be strapless, halter, racerback, or even just the traditional way. Also, the bra has boning in the front and sides of the cups to really shape your bust and hold it up. The actual style of the swimsuit is super cute, and in the right size, could be very flattering.

CONS: The wires on the side of the bra were impossibly high. Also, the band is super stretchy (and only clasps with a bikini clasp) so I was really worried about how this would do in the water. The swim top doesn’t really allow for a whole lot of bust room on the upper end of the size range, so just keep that in mind if you decide to try this. Also, the gore on the swim bra is impossibly wide. With this being a padded swim bra + a wide gore, I had a lot of fit issues. No matter what I did, I could not get the gore to lay flat. I need a thinner gore (usually 0.75″ or less) and this gore was 1″ wide at the top, 4.5″ tall, and probably closer to 2″ wide at the bottom by the band. Also, price is a con….this is on sale now, but it wasn’t when I ordered it to try it.

Happy summer!



Plus Size Swimwear: Elomi ‘Regatta’ SS’12


The Regatta SS’12 Swimsuit, available in select sizes, up to a 22 (for the cami), and separate swim bra and bottoms

I’ve been debating for a long time about whether I wanted to post pictures of myself in a swimsuit on the blog. And then I saw that the Regatta was on sale at Nordstrom and I thought “Why not? It would be lovely to have a swimsuit with a great fitting bra underneath.”

So here’s my experience with the Regatta:



I ordered the cami in both an 18 and a 20, bottoms in an 18 and a 22, and the swim bra in both a 42H/HH and a 40H/HH. Pictured here is the Cami in a 20, 18 bottoms, and a 40H/HH swim bra




The suit is comfortable, and it’s nice to have multiple pieces to build upon. The cami was $64.80, bottoms $28.80 and the swim bra was  $42.00….equating to $135.60. And that’s the sale price! Granted, you could get your own swim bottoms somewhere else for much cheaper, and/or you could just wear the swim bra under an existing swimsuit you already own. But oh my goodness.  A 2013 Elomi Swimsuit is about $230 if you buy all three pieces.

Pros: Bra based swimwear provides awesome support, and it’s nice to have the different pieces to build upon. It’s a cute style and the red drawstring lets you take the top into a deeper v-neck. I also really liked being able to order three different sizes so that I could get the best fit on ALL of my body 🙂

Cons: I’ve found that when in water, the natural buoyancy of my breasts makes the bra float, meaning that the wires drift up on the swim bra and stab me under the arms. This is exacerbated by the armholes of the swim cami being cut quite high. Needless to say, when swimming, the combination of the swim bra and cami give me a complex and I can’t stay in the water very long because it’s really uncomfortable. Also, the swim cami is flared, so with the slightest movement, the cami drifts up, exposing my midriff. For me, I don’t really feel comfortable being exposed, so a torso length cami that drifts up seems really pointless in some ways, at least for my own comfort level.

Swim bra features: Fully adjustable straps, standard bikini clasp, four part cup construction, and medium width gore

Because I got this in a sale, I certainly had some fun trying some different sizes and seeing what worked. There are still many sizes on sale out there on various websites.