Comexim Part II: The Paradise Review, 60HH

This is the Comexim Paradise that I ordered a couple of weeks ago, with a custom lowered gore and lowered cup heights (I asked for this in my email to them, I asked in English and used google translate to ask in Polish too, they were very good about it). It took about 2 and a half weeks from me paying for the order to arrive, which I consider to be very fast, considering the special adjustments I asked for. This is the set I got, you can see the differences between the model’s fit and mine.


As for the bra, I love it. The feather print is beautiful and really unusual, and the green edging is a bright forest-green in real life.


The wires are very narrow, the narrowest, but that’s what I expected when I ordered from comexim. Comparing to the unpadded comexim I tried in a 60H, which had wider wires than this, the wires are less bendy and feel more supportive.


The 3 part cups are not my usual choice of construction, but they work quite well. The lowering of the cup height means that the top part of the construction is smaller than it would normally be. In side profile, this gives an uplifted slightly pointy shape, but looks okay under clothes.

The band is tight, just about the right size for me stretching to 26.5″ comfortably, so if you need a true 28 band you might want to size up to a 65 in this model.

The straps are fully adjustable, and just the right thickness and length for me. I dislike heavy duty straps on my bras, but thin ones often cause shoulder pain, I’ve found that the sweet spot is about 0.5″ in my size and these measure exactly that.

The cups are not as deep as the 65H bikini I tried, possibly due to the custom gore and cup height. Being shallow, this works great for me. The shape is very uplifted and I get the ‘my boobs are floating!’ feel from this bra, very supported. The lowered gore and cups make this more of a plunge than the traditional comexim style, and works better for me. It feels like this custom design has taken some volume out of the cups, it definitely fits smaller than the standard style 65H. Sizing-wise, I’d say that the standard 65H fits about the same as a 30FF or small 30G, and this 60HH with adjustments fits between a 26G-GG.

The measurements are here on bratabase


The shorts fit smaller than their standard UK sizing, I would wear an XS or UK 8 in most brands, the Small in Comexim is a good fit.

Overall? I’m probably going to order from Comexim again when I get around to it. This set is great value for money, the whole order including postage cost me around £40, cheaper than a typical set from Freya or similar. The bands run tight, although 26 bands are getting some more exposure, they’re still thin on the ground so a tight 28 like this is a great find. Ordering through email was easy (just remember to check your junk box!) and the customisation option worked out brilliantly for me, finally the prints are cute, quirky and unusual.

Freya Deco Half-Cup review

Being a long-time fan of the deco plunge, I finally got to try the deco half-cup after snagging a deal on ebay. Similar to the plunge in that it has moulded cups, but a higher gore and more of a balcony shape, with push up pads in the bottom for that ‘cakes on a plate’ cleavage. Unfortunately, this is only available up to F cup, I tried it in 30F in both the beige and black.


The band fits big, I had to alter it down quite a bit to get a snug enough fit, the cups fit a bit small, but I think they are open enough on top for some discretion on fit with how much coverage/cleavage is wanted. For example, this is too small in the cup for me as I have spillage, but as I only get slight quadboob which isn’t obvious under clothes, I wouldn’t like a bigger cup because I like the cleavage it gives, making it a great ‘night out’ or special occasion bra for me. I wouldn’t recommend wearing a too-small-in-the-cup bra for everyday usage. 

The shape is lifted, not as round as the deco plunge (but I don’t know of a bra that is) The wires are typical of Freya, which I would describe as average-narrow. The look; bow in the middle and on the straps, colour scheme and the fully adjustable straps are all identical to the deco plunge. 


As you can see in the picture, I seem to get better cleavage in the beige version. I can’t say that it runs smaller for sure, as I received these used so I don’t know if this is caused by stretching out or general wear, but it’s possible that it does. If anyone else has both and can attest to this, let me know!

These bras will definitely stay in my ‘to keep’ pile, the push up padding actually makes the cups very comfortable and snug, if only the band were more true to size and the size range expanded, this would be a great bra. 



The Comexim saga part I

I must apologise for the lack of posts the past few weeks, it’s been a hectic time for me.

In that time, though, I decided to re-visit Comexim, a Polish company who makes bras with very narrow wires, narrower than Ewa Michalak. I once, a long time ago, tried a Green Velvet bra of theirs in a 65H, but found it just fit me awfully, it was too big all over and the shape was wrong. I have since then, had some shape and size changes and find I can wear 3-part cups more easily now, so it’s worth another go. I found a cheap bra of theirs to try, a Simone in 60H (I’ll come back to sizing), Simone is a sheer(ish) purple balconette shape with gorgeous embroidery on it. The wires are very narrow, as expected, and the band fits like a firm 28, the straps are in a perfect place, they are in no way wide set, fully adjustable, and the cups have plenty of depth in the bottom.


Gore not tacking


Slight digging in across the top

Image measurements from bratabase

But it didn’t fit, the cups dug in across the top and the gore didn’t tack, because the cups were about 1 size too small. From this, I would estimate 60HH to be my best size.

So, on facebook I happened across a 65H Comexim bikini top, this one is the Haiti and quite different to the Simone as it is padded. The cups on this one feel deeper than it’s unpadded counterpart, the plunge-balcony shape is more pronounced, and the wires are just ever so slightly narrower. The straps are still perfectly placed and fully adjustable, the band is a firm 30, until I altered it down to a 28.

This is just a bit too big on my smaller boob, but probably the best fit for me overall in the cups.

Photo on 11-10-2013 at 13.31 #2

Photo on 11-10-2013 at 13.31 #3


Photo on 11-10-2013 at 13.31

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 16.35.41

measurements from bratabase

Next order:

I placed an order for the Paradise in 60HH, which I did by emailing Comexim directly and using google translator to ask them for what I wanted in polish. This seems to have gone well, and I’m expecting the bra in a couple of weeks. Look out for part II of my Comexim saga 😉

Comexim Sizing:

I’ve heard different things about converting from EU sizing to UK, so I’m going to explain it as I understand it.


Comexim use cm to describe the bands, and they have the +4 measurement built into this. SO, although 60cm =/= 28″, the bands will be roughly equivalent. 60=28, 65=30, 70=32 etc…


There is only one double letter in the EU alphabet, HH, to replace I cup. So the progression:


So far, I have found this to be about right for me.

*I have just used the cup range that Comexim use on their website, this is by no means all the cup sizes that exist.

(I) Love Claudette

Unfortunately for me, Claudette is a brand that I have only recently tried/discovered, unfortunate because I LOVE them and wish I’d been buying them for years. I had never thought to try the (arguably) most popular model the ‘dessous’, because I hate 3 part cups. Freya put me off them forever, and I didn’t think there was any hope for reconciliation. When I ordered one from asos’s sale on the recommendation of my boob shape twin Petite & Plentiful, I had already resigned myself to trying it, reviewing it, returning it. Boy was I wrong, angels sang when I put that bra on, I bought 2 more, I haven’t worn much else since.

First up: Dessous in Peony Limeade, 30FF

Photo on 13-09-2013 at 16.10

This is a gorgeous pastel-pale pink, with a bright, luminous yellow trim. The pink works really well as a nude for me, much better than any beige tone bras. The straps are thick and sturdy, although they are quite long and I have to tighten them a lot. The band is thick and supportive even with the mesh fabric, and fastens with a 3 hook fastening. The cups feel quite true to size for me, I get a little wrinkling at the top of the cup especially on my smaller boob, but I discovered that going down a cupsize is too small. The side wings come down low compared to a lot of bras in this size, great for those of us with petite frames, and it saves my underarms from possibly painful chafing. The only complaint I have about these is that the edging does sometimes pinch at the underarm when I’m doing some sort of strenuous activity.

The shape is very natural compared to the Freya Deco or Masquerade Rhea that I usually wear, it provides support with just a little uplift. The wires are narrow, U shaped, and fit me quite perfectly.

Second purchase: Dessous in Leopard and black, 30F


The other two bras I have are the same style and fit as the peony limeade, only in different colours.

I had to get a 30F in this, because that’s all I could locate in the UK (I’ll come back to this later). It seems to fit okay, but it is just a little small, I get a little quadboob and my boob feels a bit ‘squashed in’ to the cup. But there’s no way I’m parting with this, the sheerness of the cup makes the leopard print a little less ‘in your face’ which is why I usually shy away from it, and it’s subtly sexy.

My latest addition: Neon Dessous in green, 30FF

Photo on 13-09-2013 at 16.07

I can’t show you in photos just how BRIGHT this bra is, it is luminous, it could stop traffic at night. I like how it shows through thin shirts, letting me add a little bit of quirk to any outfit.

My future additions:

Cyber Yellow Dessous SS13


Fishnet Double cup bra AW13


Longline Dessous for SS14



I bought these bras in 30 bands, because that’s all I could get my hands on, but claudette do make 28 bands, and if I’m going to buy these bras full price this season I want it to be in my actual size, not a sister size. No UK retailers as of yet stock Claudette in this size, and very few even stock in my sister size, and I can’t order from the USA because of sky high customs/import charges. Petite & Plentiful has started a campaign, asking UK retailers to pick up the 28 bands, and I really do think there is demand for it. If you like claudette and wear a 28 band, tell retailers, there is a template email in the campaign post, and hopefully we can influence some stockists. Lingerie insight also got in on the action with an article about the campaign here.

Fit and Active September: Link Round Up

As promised, the link round-up for posts relating to this month’s theme. Definitely check them all out because there are some great sports bra reviews, as well as commentary on working out in general.

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My own update: 30 days of Zumba is going well. It’s a struggle because I am so tired after work, but I’m gettin it done!

I’m taking Friday off work so I can finally get around to doing my sports related posts to share with you all 🙂 Thanks for reading!


**Side note: I have lost 6 pounds so far! Yay!**

My Visit to Victoria’s Secret

This summer, I visited the USA for 3 weeks, and so I just had to visit the biggest lingerie store in the country; Victoria’s Secret. I’ve heard some real horror stories about their fitting services, examples from bratabase and Boosaurus, and their very limited size range, as they seem to be the go-to place for women to buy bras in the USA.

I went to a store in Orlando to get a fitting, although there seemed to be at least one in every mall I went to, and they’re all very similar in layout and stock.

My Fitting

So I didn’t have high expectations for my VS ‘size’, using a tape measure and the guide on their website I get 30C or 32B, which is way too small in volume. I found a fitter and asked to be measured, she first asked me what size I was wearing, I feigned ignorance and said I was used to UK sizing and I’m not sure. I was asked what kind of bra I was currently wearing and was there any padding, I was wearing my masquerade rhea, no padding. She first measured my band around my overbust tightly, and commented that I had a small ribcage (my overbust is 31″ish), clarified that my bra had no padding or push up at all (this annoyed me a little, we’ve establised I’m not wearing a push up bra, move on), then measured my underbust, and reported that I was a 32 band. Measuring around my bust, she held the tape measure very loosely and measured a C cup, I admit I wanted to laugh a little when she brought me a 32C bra to try on.

The offending bra:

IMG_2297 (copy)

I pressed the buzzer in the fitting room, and then opened the door for the fitter when she knocked. She raised her eyebrows and commented that the cups were overflowing… a lot.  She asked if the band was too tight (it was fastened on the tightest hook) and commented that it looked okay as it was sat parallel to the floor. Next try, 32DD.

IMG_2299 (copy)

Still overflowing in the cup, she again asked if I’m sure the band isn’t too tight. I stand my ground about the band being okay, and she goes to bring me a DDD cup, being used to UK sizing I have never really encountered a DDD before, but the fitter is reassuring and told me not to freak out.

IMG_2301 (copy) IMG_2300 (copy)

32DDD is my ‘size’, or a 34DD for more selection (I don’t think recommending a 34 band when I close my 32 on the tightest hook is very good practice, but she was right… there was more selection)

Okay, so the fit is not quite right; the straps are too long hiding what would be quadboob, the cups are overflowing just a little, the gore is ever so slightly raised, and the band is too big. But it isn’t awful, and it’s much better than what I was expecting. If I was looking for a special ocassion or date bra, I would be willing to wear this size. I did have a look around the store for a pretty bra but  there seemed to be only this plain black ‘body’ that they had in stock in 32DDD unfortunately.

In Store:

I’m a sucker for bra-tops, longlines, bralettes and everything in between, this ‘Lacie Bralette’ in lime really caught my eye.


I didn’t end up purchasing one, I toyed with the idea of a size L but it still looked a little small in the boob-coverage for me.

Push up bras, I kind of want one, I am a sucker for cleavage. The ‘Bombshell’ multiway looked great in the black mesh/fishnet, and perfect for under my halterneck polka dot swing dress.


Alas, only available up to DD cup, and I am not comfortable enough in a 34DD to spend my money on this.

So there you have it, I was more impressed by Victoria’s Secret than I expected to be, but still somewhat underwhelmed by their size range and fitting techniques.


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Gossard Egoboost Plunge, 30F

I’ve been looking to try the Gossard Egoboost plunge ever since I tried the strapless version (review here) and finally found it on sale at asos. I bought this in 30F, as I’d heard that the cups run a bit big.

This bra is famed for it’s cleavage-giving powers, and has push up pads on the inside. I think this is great, it’s very rare to find a push up bra in my size and I do kind of miss the extra boost from when I used to wear 32D push ups.


The cups and band seem to fit quite true to size, which contradicts what I had heard, however different colours of the same bra do often fit differently. The straps are fully adjustable, and comfortable, the wires are on the wider side. The sides of the bra are a smoothing material and quite thick, which is great, but I dislike the strappy fastening at the back, and I feel like this bra would have benefitted from a wide band all the way around and maybe a 3 hook closure. I can see the aesthetic appeal of this fastening though.


From the front: Cleavage! I can’t argue with that. The cleavage looks great, and the cups dip enough for it to be shown off with a v-neck top.


From the side: You can see the cups are a little small, and the shape is very defined by the padding on the inside. This is not quite quadboob, but a massive incompatibility between my boob shape and the bra, there is a little bit of empty space at the apex of the cup inside.


From above: this is where you can really see how ‘off’ the shape is for me. The apex of the cups is further down and further apart than the natural apex of my boob, which just creates a strange look. I don’t think this can be fixed with sizing.

This bra was such a disappointment for me, I really wanted it to work. It would probably work for someone with a more wide set, full on bottom shape than me, but I’m sadly going to have to send this one back.


Double Debenhams Review, 30FF

Debenhams: A huge UK department store, boasting a brilliant lingerie department that stocks all the great DD+ brands, as well as their own brand ‘Gorgeous’. And Gorgeous it is indeed. Stocking a huge size range from 28-48 A-K, they cater to a lot of women.

I was sent the Navy Spotted Plunge and Blue Floral Non-Padded Plunge for review purposes, both in 30FF, and I must say I’m impressed. One of the main draws of debenhams bras for me is their price point, I can pick up a bra for £20 or under, the matching bottoms for £6 or so, it’s rare to find good quality lingerie this affordable in my size range.

Firstly, the Navy Spotted Plunge


This is a 3-part cup plunge, with a 2 hook fastening and fully adjustable straps. I find the band and cups to run true to size, and the wires a little wide on me. I wasn’t expecting to see any cleavage in this bra, but I have a subtle bit of cleavage here. Just enough to be suitable for an everyday bra, without being inappropriate (in my line of work, anyway). My only real issue here is the top of the 3 part cup cutting into my boob just a little, it’s not noticeable quadboob but I think someone more balanced-full on bottom would get the best fit in this bra.

Blue Floral Non-Padded Plunge


This is almost the same shape as the above, only without the foam padding/lining. My only issue with this is that it slightly highlights my asymmetry, you can see some wrinkling of the cup on smaller boob, but this isn’t a real issue to me. There is slightly less cleavage, but this is expected with an unpadded bra, and I’m impressed that I get any kind of cleavage at all. The main difference that I can see is the top panel on this bra is larger than the one on the padded bra, meaning that the cup is more open on top and more suited to my full on top shape.

This bra is my favourite of the two, mostly down to the shape, and feeling more comfortable in this one. I actually found this so comfortable that I slept in it, something i have difficulty doing in underwired bras. The pattern is very great too, I’m not usually a fan of florals but this is very cutesy and I love the blue/white combination.

The matching shorts (I got a UK10 and they fit great) are comfy too, very soft and stretchy, flattering on my curvy(ish) bum.




 Braless in Brasil’s original #Diversity in Lingerie post.Image What #DiversityInLingerie means to me

All different kinds of women all over the world wear lingerie, yet only  a minority are represented in advertising. Young, slim, white women dominate the pages of lingerie websites and catalogues, and even those of us who fall into that category are tired of it. I want to see variety, I want to see older women, trans women, women of ALL body sizes, unphotoshopped women, women with small breasts, women with large breasts, women with augmented breasts, women without breasts,  women with scars and stretch marks, muscular women, women with tattoos, women with spots, disabled women, women with cellulite, women with short hair, women with different figures, women with body hair, women who identify as women, ALL the women, and I want to see more ethnic diversity.

This is the tag on the bra I am wearing.*


But my knickers? They’re ‘Mocha’.


*I don’t mean to single out this particular lingerie company, many others are guilty of similar things.

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Alexis Smith’s “Love me in lace” reviewed

Alexis Smith is a brand I hadn’t heard or seen much about, and I’m out to try every brand that makes my size or close to it, so when Large Cup Lingerie offered me this bra to try, I snapped it up.

Photo on 05-08-2013 at 13.57

The brand arrived in 2010, due to the designer’s difficulty in finding cute feminine bras in 32F, and has grown to be stocked internationally and endorsed by reality TV stars in the years since. They specialise in plunge bras, in sizes 30-34 D-G with a few 36 bands, read some more about them here.

I received a white ‘Love me in Lace’ set in size 30G, a band and cup bigger than my usual size, as I had heard that they run small in both aspects. I had some high hopes for this bra, the tiny low gore and plunging shape give ‘stop-and-stare’ cleavage on the model, and it looks great.

Photo on 11-08-2013 at 19.01Photo on 05-08-2013 at 13.57 #2

Sizing: The band is too big, it rides up my back and doesn’t feel supportive even on the tightest hook. This is what I would expect from a typical 30″ band on me, and I didn’t find it to run tight like other women have. The cups are too closed, I have cutting in along the top (this is magnified when I pull the band in or use a rixie clip to make it fit) and the gore doesn’t lay flat to my chest, again making the bra feel unsupportive. The straps are half adjustable and very thin, and don’t adjust as short as I’d want, again compromising the support.

Photo on 11-08-2013 at 19.01 #2

Photo on 05-08-2013 at 13.58


The fit: Aside from the size issue, I like the shape of this bra. The wires are narrow which is good for me, and the cups are nicely rounded, I only wish they were a little more open. The bottom of the cup is too shallow for me, a common problem I experience where the bottom of the cup wrinkles and can’t be pulled up far enough (not helped by half-adjstable straps).

Aesthetics: On their website, the designer does state that these bras are less supportive than others out there in this size market, because the support is not needed for younger women. This is subjective, but it does explain why I feel quite insecure compared to the bras I am used to wearing. I must say however that using less supportive materials does make for a very pretty, feminine bra, the thin, lace edged straps and the flimsy white lace band are indeed very beautiful. The low, almost non existent gore covered with a bow doesn’t tack properly, but it gives less coverage and more cleavage.

Unfortunately this bra wouldn’t work for me as anything more than a bedroom bra; I like more lift and support than this, and don’t fit into the size range. For someone with firm, self-supporting boobs who wants a pretty, low coverage bra, this is the one.