Plus Size Bra Review: ‘PL Gazeta’ by Ewa Michalak Revisited

While I never completely reviewed the PL Gazeta that I ordered months ago, I briefly mentioned it in my insider tips post. I never reviewed it because I found it unwearable. The wires were very flimsy, the depth was off, and the band was insanely tight. Ewa herself saw the post, and when I placed my most recent order, she offered to remake the bra for me with better underwires. While I did not pay for this bra, all opinions are my own.


Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak. This is the CHP style, available in various sizes. You can custom order this in other sizes and styles at EM’s discretion for an additional charge.

The remade PL Gazeta that I special ordered is a size 95JJ and this is the result…






Features: Half adjustable staps, 3 sets of 3 hooks-and-eyes, PL shape, padded inserts for asymmetry, bow on gore, cute heart appliques on straps, at side, and on closures, narrow wires, lightly padded cups

Fit: The fit on the remade PL Gazeta is 10000000000 x better than the first one that I received (which I still have). The gore lifts ever so slightly, and there’s no way that this would fit with the pads in it. The band is still quite snug, but I’m sure it will loosen with wear. I find that I have to loosen the straps all the way in order for this bra to not feel like a straight jacket. It’s a tight puppy.

Support and Shape: The support is really nice and what I expect from the PL bras. The shape is good, with a lower apex than the S bras.

Look and Feel: I LOVE THIS PRINT SO MUCH. AND THE HEARTS. WHY DOESN’T EVERY BRA HAVE THESE HEARTS?! And oh, my cleavage looks amazing. That is all.

Other Thoughts: This is a much improved fit thanks to EM remaking the bra for me. I love the playful girlyness and print on this bra, and it’s so stunning to look at.

Overall Grade: B…it would be higher if the darn thing wasn’t so stinkin tight…. 

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Plus Size Bra Review: ‘S Tęczowe Kfiaty’ by Ewa Michalak

As part of my recent EM order, I also picked up this gorgeous bra that I will simply refer to as S Rainbow Flowers in a size 95JJ. This bra is available from EM in various sizes up to a 95JJ for 149.00zł or about $49.50











Features: Half adjustable straps, 4 sets of 3 hooks-and-eyes, ribbon detail on gore, padded inserts for asymmetry, lightly padded cups, french leavers lace on cups and band, higher bridge for softer breasts

Fit: The fit on the S Rainbow Flowers is quite nice. I would say that the depth is a tad bit smaller than my recently reviewed S Porcelanka. In addition, the band on this bra is a bit firmer than the S Porcelanka, though not uncomfortable by any means. I wear this on the first set of hooks. The gore lays almost flat and floats just the teansiest at the very top of the gore. As with all EM bras, the wires are a bit narrow and low for me, but I am able to pull all of my breast tissue into the cups.

Support and Shape: Nicely lifted and shaped with a higher peak than the PL style.

Look and Feel: The lace on the band is kind of itchy, but other than that I have no complaints. When I first saw this bra I really did not think that I would like it. The colors are very bold, but I wanted to try this bra anyways. When I pulled it out of the box I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved the print. It’s really quite gorgeous. I also love that the print is carried on to the straps, as this adds a really nice touch to it. I also love the ribbon detail on the gore.

Other Thoughts: While I prefer the S Porcelanka to this bra, I really love this one too. It’s very secure and I like that the band is more firm as I will get more wear out of it. It’s a truly wonderful looking bra.

Overall Grade: A+ easily a staple in my bra wardrobe.

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Plus Size Bra Review: Panache Sports Bra

**This bra was provided by Panache Lingerie for review purposes, in support of the 2014 Sports Campaign. This does not impact my opinion whatsoever**

Panache Sports Bra


Panache Sports Bra, available in continuity and fashion colors. Sizes 28 DD-H, 30 D-H, 32 C-H, 34-38 B-H, 40 D-GG for $68.00

This will be a quick review from the standpoint that this bra did not fit. As I do with all quick reviews, I’ll write my pros and cons, talk about the features of the bra and go from there. Unfortunately, I was not able to test out whether this bra lives up to all of the hype (reducing bounce, etc.), but I will write what I can.

Panache Sport 40GG

The bra was provided to me in a 40GG as this is the biggest cup size that the bra comes in for a 40. As I’m wearing anywhere from a 40HH to a 40JJ at the moment, it’s easy to see why this did not fit. When contacted by Panache, I was told that this bra runs large in the cups, of which I would agree. But still not big enough.

Features: Padded straps and hook and eye closure, thick band with moisture wicking properties, lightly padded cups, racerback option, padded underwires, 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes

Pros: Cups run big, band is thick and supportive, padded straps, racerback option, lift and shape is nice (versus other sports bras that can make you look uniboob or unsupported), and above all….very comfortable. Also, they have lots of different color combinations that range from classic to funky. I love it.

Cons: I would say “limited size range”, but the size range is really quite impressive. I’m just selfish in thinking that this bra should come up to a J cup at least because (1) I think Panache could do it, and (2) I desperately want to wear this bra every single day of my life. Other than that, I have no cons.

I really wish that this bra had fit me because it’s super, super comfortable, and I know that I could imagine myself wearing this bra all the time. In comparison to my Elomi Energise, this bra has very comfortable wires, band, etc. The Panache Sports bra goes above and beyond in the comfort department, and I think it makes it very wearable. If you blind folded me, put me in a closet, and told me to choose which of these bras I would want to wear to work out in, the Panache Sports bra would win. Hands down. Now I just need it two cup sizes bigger.

Keep in mind that I was not able to try this bra will doing any sort of exercising, so it’s possible that the pro and cons lists would have varied slightly had I been able to really put this bra to the test. However, if you’re looking for more information about how the bra holds up in a workout, check out any of the reviews listed below.

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Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi ‘Renee’


Image courtesy of Elomi Lingerie


The Renee is available in sizes 34 G-JJ, 36-42 E-JJ, and 44 E-G for about $70.00 from various retailers

When I tried this bra, I ordered it in both a 38J and a 40J; I decided that the 40J was the best fit of the two I received.




I think I would have liked to see what a 40JJ did for my side fluff that seems to be a problem, however I did have empty space in the top of these cups and the problem would only have been exacerbated more with a bigger cup size.

Features: Fully adjustable straps, bows on straps and gore, 4 part cup construction, banded bra, floral print, 3 rows of 3 hook-and-eyes in the 40J and the 38J.

Fit: To me, this seemed like a whole lot of bra. However, I would say that the band of the Renee runs truer to size than most Elomi bras, as the band did not stretch as much as I would have expected. The straps are more centered on the cups (instead of more to the outside of the cups), and I think that this is why the bra cuts in so much in the arm area; I like a more wide set strap because I have fairly broad shoulders I guess, and this centered strap placement didn’t really appeal to me. Although, it was nice to have the weight of my breasts set differently on my body. As mentioned, there was some gaping at the top of the cup.

Support and Shape: The support in this bra was very secure, and the shape is what you can expect from Elomi’s banded bras (think the Libby as well).

Wire Height and Width: No complaints; the wires were comfortable under my arms, and were a good width for covering all of my side tissue.

Look and Feel: I was a little disappointed with this bra. The stock photo on the model makes the Renee look a little Victorian and sexy with the sheer upper panel of the bra. However, I think this must be a feature in the smaller cup sizes because the Renee in a 40J was fully lined, even in the top cup. To me, the bra looks a little less delicate. Also, the material used is similar to the material that Elomi uses for the Betty bras (starchy, less flexible, and heavy), and I think the material mutes the pretty flower print, making this bra look almost rather depressing.

Pros: Centered straps are great for people with narrow shoulders, the support is spot on, and the banded portion provides that bit of extra support.

Cons: The press photos are misleading in that the larger cup sizes are fully lined, and the material is (personally) not my favorite.

Overall Grade: A-

**I’m gearing up to celebrate the blog’s 1st anniversary, so please keep your eyes open for contest details in the next couple weeks! 🙂 ***


Plus Size Bra Review: Bravissimo Betsy Bow

I tried the Betsy Bow bra from Bravissimo in a 38JJ and in a 38K; The 38JJ was too small in the cups. Here are the photos of the 38K


IMG_3707 IMG_3708 IMG_3710


Features: Fully adjustable straps, 3 part cup construction, bows on straps and gore, 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes in a 38K, wide wires, low under arm

Fit: The fit in the 38K was actually perfect. The gore laid flat, the cups were smooth and did not cut in, and I filled out the bottom fairly well. I was really happy that Bravissimo’s wires worked so well for my shape. The band in the 38 was comfortable and was supportive.

Support and Shape: The shape in the Betsy Bow is very up front, swooped up looking, with quite a bit of projection. Overall, I returned this because I was not a fan of the shape. Also, because this is a 3-part cup construction with low wires on the side, my migrated tissue would not stay put. I really need a 4-part cup construction with side slings or at the very least with taller wires on the sides. The straps were really quite stretchy, which I was surprised about.

Look and Feel: The bra itself is quite adorable. I love the bright magenta in contrast to the shell color of the bra. The materials were soft; the lower part of the cup was a sturdy material that provided more support. The upper cup does not have any stretch at all, so if you are full on top, you will probably want to size up.

Other thoughts: Overall, I was really surprised by how small Bravissimo’s bras run in the cup. I also tried the Darling Heart (which I will review soon) and it was too small in a 38K. I thought that Curvy Kate won first place in small cups, but Bravissimo is taking 1st place. If you want to try this, I would suggest sizing up 1-2 cup sizes from your “normal” size (i.e. Panache size).

Overall Grade: B+ 


Review: Curvy Kate Desire 28FF

I have not got on well with curvy kate in the past, I have tried the tease me, the tempt me and the elegance, had no luck with their loose bands and wide wires. I tried this because I want me and kate to be friends, her bras are so cute, and I have my eye on the starlet petrol for autumn.

Photo on 16-04-2013 at 23.51

Again with the poor quality pictures, I know, I’ll have a real camera next week.

This is a multiway plunge bra, available in black or white, with a subtle pattern on the cups and a little bow…..thingy in the middle. The straps are thick, really long, fully adjustable and easy to switch around.

Band: 22″ unstretched, 28″ stretched

Cup width 5.3″, depth 8″

Side wing 2.7″, gore height 1.6″

Compared to the other CKs I tried in the past, the wires are a bit narrower (yey) and shorter (yey) and the band is true to size (yey). The band is also 3 hook fastening, the same width across and quite thick.  So far so good.

Photo on 16-04-2013 at 23.52 #2

The bra is just not a great shape for me (boo), the top edge of the cup seems to me made for a full on bottom shape, and gives me an odd shelf-like appearance that doesn’t come across so much in pictures. I know I have some quadboobing but there’s also space in the bottom of the cup, that won’t stay where it’s supposed to because of the lengthy straps. If you find yourself tightening straps a lot, be wary.

Photo on 16-04-2013 at 23.52

It works a bit better as a halterneck for me, the strap is really comfy around my neck and the cups easily lend themselves to the halterneck shape without digging in/ making armpit fat like others tend to do.

Photo on 16-04-2013 at 23.54

Fit 6/10, cups run small.

Appearance on me 5/10. Someone more full on bottom might get a better shape with this.

Braologie Review: Part I

My Braologie came yesterday, earlier than expected, and no customs charges attached (I know some people were concerned about this). I have very mixed feelings on this bra, and have been discussing them with braologie who have been helpful. In the interests of fairness, I want to do a quick review today and then wear the bra 8 hours a day, as recommeneded, for a week, and then report back again, seeing as it’s so different to all the other bras I have and will take some getting used to.

I didn’t order a particular size, as the bras are custom made to suit your posture and size. I reported my best fitting bra as my Taylor Deco 28FF, and that’s what I wore in the pictures I sent for analysis. I think this bra is a bit bigger, maybe a 28G, to accommodate some tissue migration. My order is the Lacie posture conture bra in mix.



Band: unstretched 22”stretched 29”

Cup width: 6.8”

Wire length: 10.5”

Cup Depth: 9.5”

Side wing height: 5.5”

Strap width: 0.6”

Features: Fully adjustable straps, removable pads, a 4 hook extender comes with it, side boning and a full band.Image

My issues:

The wires are way too wide,  but I have this issue with most bras.

The underwires are not sitting under my breasts, I can’t pull them up anymore because the straps won’t shorten anymore to keep it there and the side wings would murder my underarms. (Braologie say I am wearing it at an okay height, but to try and pull it up a bit more)

The side wings are too high. (Braologie say that I should wear it in, and they are supposed to be high to remigrate tissue) I wore it for 5 hours yesterday and woke up with sore underarms today, but I’m hoping that will go away with wear.

The straps are too long. I know this is an easy fix but I’m a little nervous to alter it before I decide I definitely want to keep this bra as it is.


Space at the bottom of the cup

What I like:

The big thick band feels amazing, and the 4 hook fastening, it gives the support I want from all bras, but doesn’t cut in anywhere and looks good under tight clothes.

It comes with a great picture illustration on how to put on the bra properly and swoop and scoop.

The side boning, although higher than I’m used to, is a very good feature.

The gore actually sits flat on me, which I wasn’t expecting.

The look of the bra, I’m glad I went for the mix, it it’s very pretty.

Braologie have been very helpful, answering questions and giving advice before during and after my order, don’t hesitate to chat to them on their page, email or bratabase, if you are thinking about ordering.

The cleavage is pretty good too 😉

I’ll be back in a week with an update on how it ‘wears in’.


Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi ‘Libby’


The Libby is available in sizes 36-42 E-JJ, and 44 E-G for about $56.00

I had the chance to try the Libby in a 38J recently.





Features: limited stretch fully adjustable straps, 4 part cups with side support, bows on center gore and straps, full coverage, wide wires

Fit: You’ll notice that I’m trying more and more 38’s lately. While at first I’m like “Whoa, this is tight!” I can still pull the band 2-3″ away from my body, and the band is actually comfortable with longer wear. I like it because I know the band is going to stay in place. I’ve been having a lot of weird back pain lately because my bands aren’t tight enough (they slide around) and my back cracks a lot. It’s uncomfortable.

This is a full cup size and band size smaller than the Elomi Sakura I reviewed some months ago. What I really liked about the 38J was how encapsulating the cups are. In the 40J Sakura that I have, I don’t feel very secure, the wires are too wide, and the band is too big. In this, I get a much better fit. I will say, however, that the seaming on the top of the cups is fairly restrictive and definitely cuts into my larger breast.

Support and Shape: There’s no doubt about it that this bra really gives good lift. It is more of a natural rounded shape.

Other Thoughts: I’m quite wild about the contrast of the pink with the black. The print is quite lovely. Also, for a full coverage bra, this isn’t boring at all. I much prefer the fit of the 38J to the 40J.

Overall Grade: A

Plus Size Bra Review: Ewa Michalak ‘Pl Burgund’

The PL Burgund is not available anymore on EM’s site, but this was a bra that I had received from Bra Nightmares to try, as part of my first attempt with EM’s bras. This is the PL Burgund in a 42J (95J)

My photos:


The PL Burgund OVER the stalowka 


The PL burgund on its own


Burgund over the Stalowka


The photos for this review are a bit different because of all of the fit issues that I had with the Burgund.

Measurements of the Burgund:

  • Flat band: 33″
  • Stretched band: 41″
  • Cup Depth: 15.5″
  • Cup Width: 9.25″ 
  • Gore height: 4.5″
  • Wing Height: 5.25″
  • Wire length: 14.5″ 

Features: Fully adjustable straps, NO padded inserts, bow on center gore, four rows of three hooks and eyes

Fit: I don’t know where to start. It really just didn’t fit, and I think the pictures show that quite well.

Support and Shape: The straps were really stretchy, and I think the cups were made badly. They did not support the weight of my boobs at all. When I layered this bra with my PL Stalowka (40J), the shape was so much better.

Other Thoughts: I did end up selling this bra. It went to a good home. I did like that there were four rows of hooks and eyes, as opposed to the standard three as that was a first for me. However, I know that quite a few women found this bra to be a miss, so no surprise there.

Overall Grade: D-


Plus Size Bra Review: Ewa Michalak ‘PL Ametyst’

Ewa Michalak "PL Ametyst"

Ewa Michalak “PL Ametyst”

The PL Ametyst is available from Ewa Michalak in various sizes (with special ordering up to an L cup I believe) for about $43.00

After much urging from my reviews of the PL Stalowka and PL Karmelki in a 40J (90J), I custom ordered the PL Ametyst and PL Stalowka both in a 40JJ (90JJ). I received the Ametyst about a month and a half ago, and I’ll be honest…. It still has the tags on it. I’m not completely sold on the fit.




the gore does not quite sit flat



  • Flat band: 31″
  • Stretched band: 39″
  • Cup Width: 7.25″
  • Cup Depth: 15.25″
  • Wire Length: 14.75″
  • Gore Height: 4.5″
  • Wing Height: 5.75″

Comparison with a 40J (90J) Stalowka:

The two bras are almost exactly the same. No wonder so many people have such a hard time finding their EM fit….*grumble grumble*

Features: Half adjustable straps, pads to adjust asymmetry, lace overlay on the cups, bow/diamante on center gore, and three rows of three hooks and eyes

Fit: I’m just not happy with the fit. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that the cups are narrower than the Stalowka (which I love). No matter what I did, I could not get the gore to lay flat with this bra. I also felt like the straps were really, really short. I usually don’t need to tighten my straps that much (maybe about 2-3″ on fully adjustable straps), so these were just too short for me. Good news for women who need really short straps.

Support and Shape: The support is there, but because the gore did not lay flat, I did not feel very secure in this bra. The shape is surprisingly pointy and not like the rounded, projected shape I have come to love from the Stalowka. I’m not really a fan of this bra. It feels really bulky and industrial on. I also feel like the shape is kind of pointed downwards.

Other Thoughts: The color of the bra is not purple; It’s burgundy. So the photo from EM’s site is *very* misleading about the color of this bra. I also felt like the band was more firm than my other EM bras, but that will definitely change with more wear. I haven’t decided if I am going to keep this or not. And I can only put it on when I’m not PMSing because the fit issues are worse when I am bloated. So….it may take me a long time to decide.

Overall Grade: C+