In The Drawer

UPDATED: December 28th, 2012

This page highlights the bras that are currently taking up a home in Nicole’s lingerie drawer, all of which are highly recommended

Ewa Michalak

PL Stalowka  PL Stalowka –  90J

PL Karmelki - EM PL Karmelki – 90J

Curvy Kate

 Emily in Beige – 40J

imgres-4  Angel in Bluebell – 40JJ

PortiaBLK_t    Portia in Black/Pink – 40J


 Andorra in Black – 40J

 Andorra in Purple – 40J

 Andorra in Lagoon – 40J


 Briony in Claret – 40J

 Abi in Fawn – 40J

 Hermione in Navy – 40HH

 Sakura in Blossom – 40J

Elomi Valentina Valentina – 40HH

3 thoughts on “In The Drawer

    • Hi Jessica!

      Sadly, I am actually *not* the women of Double Divas – but wouldn’t it be great if I could help you find your best fit without needing a custom bra? Cause I can help you with that! If you would like help finding your best fit, please email me at


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