Reviews by Brand

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Last Update: December 2, 2013


Navy Spotted Plunge/Blue Floral Plunge – 30FF (A)#


Dessous – 30F/FF (A)


Paradise – 60HH (A)
Simone – 60H (A)
Haiti  – 65H (A)

**Mimi Holliday**

Blue Lagoon Maxi Balcony – 28FF (A)


Colour Clash – 30F (A)
EgoBoost Plunge – 30F (A) 


Strapless bras – 28FF (A)
Alex Smith “Love me in Lace” – 30G (A) #

**Miss Mandalay**

Red Gingham Bikini – 30F (A)

**Tutti Rouge**



Bellise – 40J


Paradiso Plume – 38J
Betsy Bow – 38K
Moulin Rose – 28FF (A)


Lacie Posture Contour – 28 G (A)

**Ewa Michalak**

PL Stalowka – 40J
PL Carmen – 38JJ
PL Karmelki – 40J
PL Ametyst – 40JJ
PL Burgund – 42J
Mleczny Strapless 65FF – (A)
PL Charlie – 42J
CHP Mak Nowa Koronka – 60G (A)
S Porcelanka – 42JJ

**Curvy Kate**

Emily, Lottie and Daily Boost
Desire – 28FF (A)


Briony and Abi 
Sakura (now Libby)
Energise sports bra #
Libby – 38J
Rita Multiway
Renee – 40J 


Tango II#
Sophie SoftCup – 40J
Masquerade Rhea – 28G (A)
Cleo Melissa – 28G (A) #


Totally Tartan
Just Flew In – 28FF (A)
Deco – Flamingo – 28G (A)
Deco Half Cup  – 30F (A)
Totally Tartan Half Cup – 30FF (A)
Patsy Longline – 28G (A)



***Unless otherwise noted all bras that are reviewed have been purchased by me with my own money. Reviews are not influenced or biased in any way whether they were purchased by me or were a gift.***

(A) = Bra reviewed by Amy

# = Bra that was gifted by a company for review

3 thoughts on “Reviews by Brand

  1. just wanted to let you know if your looking for great lingerie to try coquette lingerie they go to a 3x/4x in a majority of their styles and they are fashionable and sexy while still providing coverage. i have a 36gg bust and i love the way their lingerie fits me

  2. Great reviews. Perhaps you would like to review the Panache Harmony Balconette. I just ordered one. I know you said you didn’t want the basic white and black, but this seems like a good bra and it comes in other colors too, even though it looks simple (but pretty). Too bad Curvy Kate doesn’t agree with your figure, I’d love to see how the Princess looks on you, and under thin clothing.

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