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Dearest readers,

If you’re still out there listening and have been wondering where we have been….never fear! We are still here.

Amy and I both have had some personal things going on that have kept our focus away from the blog for quite some time…and while I won’t go into too many details, I speak for myself when I say that I hope to get some new reviews up soon. 

I have a badgillion reviews to finish, some things I have had in my closet for a long time and still have not reviewed them! So, if you’re willing to keep with us here at Fussy Busty, I can only say that I will be updating soon.

Stay tuned….we’ve been around for 2 years!


S Porcalanka review: 65F

I ordered this bra after seeing how well it worked for Nicole here, and to see how the fit of the S style is comparable in a smaller size range, as there can often be big differences. I ordered a 65F, and I find it to fit at around a UK28F, being a bit smaller in both the cups and band than a standard UK30F.

The cups are padded, 3 part construction that is a little more closed on top than I would like, making the cup edge dig in just a little across the top, especially on my bigger boob. If you’re very full on top then tread carefully with this bra. The band is small for a 30 as I mentioned, but I have notices that the bottom of the band is tighter than the top, and this does bug me a bit after wearing it for a few hours.


The gore is very narrow, and the wires almost overlap at the centre as with most Ewa Michalak bras, and this is probably my favourite feature of them as a brand, being suitable for close set boobs like my own. The straps are half adjustable but still short enough for me, which doesn’t happen often. The front of the straps is thicker and stretchy whilst the back half is embroidered; this makes it difficult to adjust although means that once it is adjusted it won’t slip out of place. The straps are wide set, too wide on my petite frame, this is an issue I have with some balconettes and most Ewa Michalak bras, save for the 3D and 3DM.

The bra is very comfortable, I experience no wires digging in or straps slipping off my shoulders, the padding is lightweight and supportive, great for an everyday bra. It’s not that much of a looker in my opinion, the charm at the front is cute and the lace edging on the cups is a nice touch (although may show through a tight top), but that’s not usually what I’m looking for in a beige bra.

Overall yes, this is a good everyday bra, but I don’t quite get the ‘wow’ factor that Nicole did.

Plus Size Bra Review: ‘PL Gazeta’ by Ewa Michalak Revisited

While I never completely reviewed the PL Gazeta that I ordered months ago, I briefly mentioned it in my insider tips post. I never reviewed it because I found it unwearable. The wires were very flimsy, the depth was off, and the band was insanely tight. Ewa herself saw the post, and when I placed my most recent order, she offered to remake the bra for me with better underwires. While I did not pay for this bra, all opinions are my own.


Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak. This is the CHP style, available in various sizes. You can custom order this in other sizes and styles at EM’s discretion for an additional charge.

The remade PL Gazeta that I special ordered is a size 95JJ and this is the result…






Features: Half adjustable staps, 3 sets of 3 hooks-and-eyes, PL shape, padded inserts for asymmetry, bow on gore, cute heart appliques on straps, at side, and on closures, narrow wires, lightly padded cups

Fit: The fit on the remade PL Gazeta is 10000000000 x better than the first one that I received (which I still have). The gore lifts ever so slightly, and there’s no way that this would fit with the pads in it. The band is still quite snug, but I’m sure it will loosen with wear. I find that I have to loosen the straps all the way in order for this bra to not feel like a straight jacket. It’s a tight puppy.

Support and Shape: The support is really nice and what I expect from the PL bras. The shape is good, with a lower apex than the S bras.

Look and Feel: I LOVE THIS PRINT SO MUCH. AND THE HEARTS. WHY DOESN’T EVERY BRA HAVE THESE HEARTS?! And oh, my cleavage looks amazing. That is all.

Other Thoughts: This is a much improved fit thanks to EM remaking the bra for me. I love the playful girlyness and print on this bra, and it’s so stunning to look at.

Overall Grade: B…it would be higher if the darn thing wasn’t so stinkin tight…. 

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Plus Size Bra Review: ‘S Tęczowe Kfiaty’ by Ewa Michalak

As part of my recent EM order, I also picked up this gorgeous bra that I will simply refer to as S Rainbow Flowers in a size 95JJ. This bra is available from EM in various sizes up to a 95JJ for 149.00zł or about $49.50











Features: Half adjustable straps, 4 sets of 3 hooks-and-eyes, ribbon detail on gore, padded inserts for asymmetry, lightly padded cups, french leavers lace on cups and band, higher bridge for softer breasts

Fit: The fit on the S Rainbow Flowers is quite nice. I would say that the depth is a tad bit smaller than my recently reviewed S Porcelanka. In addition, the band on this bra is a bit firmer than the S Porcelanka, though not uncomfortable by any means. I wear this on the first set of hooks. The gore lays almost flat and floats just the teansiest at the very top of the gore. As with all EM bras, the wires are a bit narrow and low for me, but I am able to pull all of my breast tissue into the cups.

Support and Shape: Nicely lifted and shaped with a higher peak than the PL style.

Look and Feel: The lace on the band is kind of itchy, but other than that I have no complaints. When I first saw this bra I really did not think that I would like it. The colors are very bold, but I wanted to try this bra anyways. When I pulled it out of the box I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved the print. It’s really quite gorgeous. I also love that the print is carried on to the straps, as this adds a really nice touch to it. I also love the ribbon detail on the gore.

Other Thoughts: While I prefer the S Porcelanka to this bra, I really love this one too. It’s very secure and I like that the band is more firm as I will get more wear out of it. It’s a truly wonderful looking bra.

Overall Grade: A+ easily a staple in my bra wardrobe.

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2014 Swimwear: Torrid Skirted One-Piece





Image Courtesy of Torrid….sorry for the size. Available in sizes 0-4 for $78.50

Well, it’s definitely that time of year again…..retailers are churning out their newest styles, colors and designs of swim suits to get you amped up for warmer weather. I’ll be honest….the ridiculous weather in Ohio is really starting to get to me. And any day that it’s 40 degrees feels like summer (that’s really how cold it has been here). As I write this post, there’s a winter storm warning (Titan, I am told), with the threat of schools being closed on Monday.

But I digress…. I’m always on the hunt for a good swim suit. When it comes to fit in the boob area, I am usually fairly lax with regard to swimming. As long as my nipples are covered and I have no fear of falling out, I don’t typically care how much cleavage there is. Also, I prefer one piece suits. This is a personal preference of mine. I also like skirted suits cause I am self conscious of my tummy and can hide it this way…

So imagine my sheer joy when I saw Torrid’s latest swim suit a week ago….(pictured above). While I wasn’t thrilled about the price, I loved the color and the shape of the suit. I decided to order it and give it a try.



Cute? Check. Color? LOVE. Shape? Pretty good. Fit???? Wellll…..

I ordered this in a 3 which is Torrid’s equivalent of a 22/24, roughly. I find that I currently wear about a 20 in Torrid’s jeans, and typically a 2 in their tops. My intention in ordering the 3 was so that I would have more boob room. Well…..when I went to put this suit on I was super surprised. Now, I know that this suit is specifically marketed as a hip concealer….but how can it conceal them if it’s impossible to get on? I really struggled to get this suit up over my hips, and the top only stayed up once I put the straps on (the straps are completely detachable). Not a good sign.

Also…the other fit problem….


Now I don’t consider myself to be tall, but if I remember anything from always having my measurements taken for ballet back in the day, I have a longer-ish torso. The problem with this suit is that it is too short in the torso area. In this photo, I simply took a wide step to the side and lifted up the skirt. You could clearly see my underroos. Now, if I didn’t have underroos on, this photo would be downright indecent for public swim time. Unfortunately, this makes the suit completely unwearable for me and I will be returning it. Remember, I’m only 5’4″, so this is pretty bad!

I also found that the straps very easily came unhooked (as you can see in the photos), which would be a problem for active swimming.

Pros: Color, shape, skirted silhouette

Cons: Length of torso, runs small, straps come easily unhooked


BONUS photo….a nod to Zoe over at Weirdly Shaped’s post about thinspo photos....

My thigh gap 🙂


Favorite Workouts for 2014

When the new year came around, I wrote on the blog that I would be writing more about my own personal fitness journey. As part of this journey, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite workouts that I have been doing with my trainer. If you’re looking for a great calorie burn, or even just a good burn, then these are all good things I would recommend doing. Some require some equipment, others do not.

The Kettle Bell Swing


I don’t know a whole lot about the many different ways to use a kettle bell, but if there’s one thing I DO know is that the kettle bell swing is one of the most effective workouts you can do. It activates so many muscles in your body, gets your heart going and helps you improve your balance too!

What you do:

  1. Get a kettle bell. Start light (15 pounds if you can).
  2. Standing upright, hold the kettle bell with two hands
  3. With your feet hip width apart, squat down, with your butt back as far as you can go, and as deep into the squat as you feel comfortable
  4. Stand up, using the force of your core to swing your arms up with the kettle bell. If your back hurts, you’re not using your core and the momentum generated from thrusting your hips forward as you stand.
  5. Repeat, letting the kettle bell swing under you when you squat.


The Kickback


Something I’ve learned from doing personal training is that my left glutes don’t activate very well. While this may not sound like a problem, it has really impacted my lunges and step ups, leaving me with soreness in muscles that shouldn’t be used, limited range of motion, and achy knees. So, my trainer and I have been working on strengthening my glutes. We do LOTS of kickbacks and let me tell you….they will make you sweat and make your ass burn. In a good way.

What you do:

  1. Get on the floor, in all fours
  2. Chose whichever leg you want to start with; Bend at the knee and lift behind you.
  3. Don’t twist your hips, keep them parallel with the floor
  4. Lift your bended leg up as far as feels comfortable and squeeze your butt
  5. Release and bring your leg back down, not touching the floor
  6. Repeat


The Leg Raise


This is the most insane core exercise I have ever done, and yet it is so, so simple to do. I promise this will make your abs burn like the fire of a thousand suns. In a good way.

What you do:

  1. Lay on the floor, on your back
  2. With your legs straight, lift them up, preferably perpendicular to the floor
  3. Slowly lower your legs, not letting them touch the floor
  4. Then raise them again
  5. Repeat
  6. Don’t forget to exhale when you bring your legs up, and inhale as you lower your legs


The Fire Hydrant


Again, referring to my shoddy glutes, this is another great exercise to encourage glute activation. Yes, you will look ridiculous doing it. And will probably feel ridiculous. But this makes me sweat like crazy and really works.

What you do:

  1. Get on all fours
  2. Keeping your leg bent, raise one leg to the side, like you are a dog peeing on a fire hydrant
  3. Lower your leg
  4. Repeat


The Squat Press


I have a killer squat, and like most people, I enjoy doing things I know I am good at. The squat press is a great way to work many muscles and is kind of low impact (if you have bad knees, it may be high impact for you)

What you do:

  1. Get two hand weights….they don’t have to be heavy, especially if you are starting out. Try 2 lbs each. Hold them at shoulder height
  2. Standing with feet hip width apart, go into a squat. Remember to push your butt out so that your knees do not extend over your toes when you squat down. Go as deep as you feel comfortable
  3. Stand up; When you stand, press both weights up, above your head
  4. Repeat


So these are just a few of my favorite workouts so far this year. I am also a big fan of the weight squat and the leg press because I have strong legs (I pressed 350# with my legs today!!). What are your favorite workouts? Let me know in the comments!


Disclaimer: I am not a trained fitness professional, nor am I a physician. Common sense recommends that you consult with your doctor before engaging in any physical activity for the first time. Also, know your limits. If you’ve never lifted weights before, start small. If something hurts, stop. Don’t push yourself if you are going to be sick. Know your body and listen to it. 


Plus Size Bra Review: ‘S Porcelanka’ by Ewa Michalak


Photo courtesy of Ewa Michalak

The S Porcelanka is available in various sizes, up to a 95JJ. Price is 149.00zł, which is about $49.50

I purchased the S Porcelanka in a 95JJ (42JJ) as part of a recent order, and an attempt to discover if any of the other EM models will work better for me. I went into the order fully disclosing my identity (after my most recent problems with delivery of an order). When I made note of who I was, EM offered to send me a replacement PL Gazeta which I will revisit in a later post. Anyways, I paid for this bra 🙂






Features: Half adjustable straps, four sets of 3 hooks-and-eyes, narrow wires, higher bridge for – as EM calls it – “difficult breasts” – sweet crystal on the gore, lightly padded construction. This does NOT have inserts for asymmetry.

Fit: This is probably the best fit I have ever had in an EM bra; honestly. The wires are a tad narrow and low for me, BUT because the cups are deeper and the gore/bridge is higher, I am more covered and locked in. I have worn this bra to work (WHAT?!) and have not had to adjust at all throughout an 8 hour day of teaching/sitting/wrestling children. I would say that the band is big, but I need to take that with a grain of salt. I haven’t taken my measurements lately, but I have lost 16 pounds and have been working out quite regularly, thus changing the fit of a lot of my bras. Anyways, I’ve found that I can already wear this on the tightest hooks and HAVE to in order to keep the wires in place on my body. I will have to alter this and/or order a smaller size at some point. I would say that the band is comparable to the PL Charlie – which is slightly stretchy.

Support and Shape: The support is great; the wires are comfy once in place, and as with all EM bras, the support and shape can’t be beat. I find that I prefer the shape of the S bras to the PL just as a personal preference. It feels more lifted, with a higher apex than the PLs.

Look and Feel: I love this bra for its simple beauty. The accent on the gore is just enough to make it special, and the lace is nice too. It’s a nice basic bra that is super comfy.

Other Thoughts: This is the first time I have had problems with strap placement on an EM bra. I think a large part of this has to do with the band being too big for me. Sometimes when I wear this, the straps will flip because they are so close to my inner arm. Other than that, I don’t have any issues with this bra.

Overall Grade: A+ This is easily my most favorite, most wearable EM bra.

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My Valentines Day Pick: Mimi Holliday Azure set

I purchased this set sometime in January, with the intention of saving it for our valentines weekend away seeing as it’s just so gorgeous and luxurious, it’s a really special occasion set for me. I got the bra in size 30DD (as opposed to my usual 28F) because it was on offer over at amazon, this is not usually the best practice but it turned out okay, and the shorts I got in a Small and they fit almost perfectly.


The set on the left is the one I own.


The bra has a wide band with a spaced out 2 hook fastener, making it feel more supportive. The bra itself is a low cut balcony, with shoulder straps extending from the bottom of the cups over the shoulders, the straps are partially adjustable but quite short.

The knickers have a satin front and gusset, with the top and behind all lace, with a cute peek-a-boo hole in the back too.



The fit:

The bra is a bit too small for me, as a usual 28F,  although the cups are compatible with my boobs as they are open on top, meaning that it looks to fit okay aside from the gore not tacking, and I get more cleavage than quad-boob. I would say it would best fit a shallow 30DD, or 28E as the band is quite firm, the width of it adding to the support and making it supportive enough for me. The cups are on the shallow side, with the wires being quite wide. The bra is cut low under the arms, with the straps also being placed in a petite-friendly position.

The knickers are on the larger side for a small I’ve found, and I could probably wear an XS in this style. The lace on top is stretchy which makes them versatile for women with different shaped figures, as well as comfortable and flattering. I often find that high waisted knickers hit my midriff in the wrong place and come off as quite unflattering, but the stretchiness of these and the delicate lace means they’re the one pair that I can happily wear.


Scallop lace everywhere, and I love it. It’s an emerald green colour in real life, one of my favourite colours, and pairs with the black lace it is really gorgeous, and looks good on my pale skin. I would recommend this to anyone, because it’s really one of the nicest sets I’ve ever come across, and the lovely fit is a bonus.


You can buy the set here direct from mimi.

#Supporteverymove : Panache Sports Bra review

**This bra was provided by Panache Lingerie for review purposes, in support of the 2014 Sports Campaign. This does not impact my opinion whatsoever**

I recently got the chance to try out the Panache sports bra, it’s only the second sports bra I’ve tried after using my worn out Shock Absorber compression sports bra for the past 6 months or so. For those unsure, a compression bra does just that, it compresses/squashes your boobs to your chest and cuts down bounce that way, an encapsulation bra like the Panache one has moulded cups that support from below, no squashing, and for me much more comfortable and effective for the general gym-exercises and yoga that I do.

The bra:

The cups are relatively deep with what I’d call average width underwires, made of moulded foam that’s flexible (more flexible than the moulding on say the Freya Deco) and very comfortable to wear.


The straps are wide and padded over the shoulders and half adjustable at the back. This is usually a problem for me but not here, there’s a J-hook at the back! Putting the straps into racerback shortens them and adds support, it looks pretty cool, and quite a few gym tops I’ve seen are racerback style too so this can be worn with no straps showing.



The underwires! They’re padded! This is absolutely my favourite feature of this bra, because it is ridiculously comfortable (pst! This makes a brilliant that-time-of-the-month-sore-boobs bra).

The band is wide with a padded 3 hook fastening for maximum support and comfort, I find it to fit true to size and firm enough to be supportive without feeling too tight.


The Fit:

I find this to be really true to size, I have heard others say that it is big in the cup compared to panache’s other bras, but I haven’t found this myself, although using the J-hook at the back does make the cups feel slightly smaller when it’s fastened. The band is a true 28 too, although the width of it can make it feel firmer, this is plenty supportive on my 26.5″ ribcage so might still be an option for those who need smaller bands.

The Look:

The colours are amazing on all of these bras, and I’m a huge fan of the bright combinations. I received the raspberry, but I’m a huge fan of this bra and now have it in the blue/lime combination as well. These are the kind of bras that I want to wear as a gym top and show off, and they definitely bring some fun to working out.


My verdict? This is the best sports bra I’ve tried by far, but it’s more than just a sports bra, it’s an everyday bra and a comfy-time lounging around bra too. Getting this bra really kickstarted my working out again, at first just for the novelty of using my new bra, but it began a real lifestyle change for me, I recommend this bra anytime anyone mentions the words ‘Sports bra’.

Insider Tips for International Orders Series: Ewa Michalak

I believe in everyone being educated about the brands that they shop for. As we all know, bras are an investment. We are only willing to drop $40+ on something that we know will fit, when the benefits outweigh the risk. With this in mind I decided to start my latest series: Insider Tips for International Orders. In this series, I will compare various non-US businesses with regard to customer experience. I hope that this series helps you in navigating the world-wide web of bra ordering! 🙂 -Nicole 


So, before we get too deep into this post, I figure I should put up a sort of guidelines to determine what’s important to consider when choosing to order internationally:

  • Item cost
  • Delivery (shipping) cost
  • Return policy
  • Customer service
  • Are there any hidden fees or taxes (i.e. customs fees)?
  • Quality of product (make, fit, consistency)
  • Customer feedback on products AND service
  • Resale potential if unable to send back

The businesses I want to compare for this series are: Ewa Michalak, Comexim, What Katie Did, and Bravissimo. While I won’t be able to speak to each qualification that I’ve listed here for each business, I want to provide some information for my readers that is useful. To start off the series, I wanted to analyze Ewa Michalak’s customer service experience.

Ewa Michalak

We all know the bras by now (at least I think we do). Ewa Michalak is well known for their impressive size range, and padded bras that are unseen in US and UK markets. But other than pretty bras that we don’t see from US and UK retailers, what goes on under the surface of Ewa Michalak’s customer service practices? Let’s consider with the list….

  • Item cost: Most of Ewa’s bras range from 119.00-169.00 zł which equates to $39-$55. This is fairly comparable to most US and UK companies and is what I consider to be actually on the lower range.
  • Delivery cost: Delivery to the US is listed as 45.00 zł which equates to $15. I’ve paid similar shipping rates from Bravissimo.
  • Return policy: Special orders are non-returnable; returns are accepted within 10 days of receipt of delivery and buyer must pay return shipping. Paying for return shipping is not unheard of, but the # of days to return is almost laughable as EM’s orders take anywhere from 2-4 weeks just to receive them.
  • Customer service: Here is where things get a little dicey. I’ve heard a lot of good things, but I’ve also heard a lot of bad (I’ll include my own personal experience at the end of this post). The help team can be contacted through email. Barring time differences and language barriers, it’s somewhat of a toss up what you will get. Also, let’s not forget “Strapgate” and Ewa’s own attack on how US and UK bloggers are wearing her bras and the subsequent backlash. Ewa decided to get rid of 28 bands because she believed that customers were wearing her bras too tight….however, customer demand made the brand include 28 bands again. Also, they started to charge an extra 20 pln for any custom order (they did not use to do this, as late as December 2012). The brand also has a reputation for non-delivery on orders with them being sent back to Poland for whatever reason.
  • Hidden taxes or fees: As an international customer, your only option for payment is PayPal. Ewa charges you a fee for this. Ewa also charges the EU based VAT tax (23%) on bras, shipping, and the PayPal fee -click on the photo below to enlarge it. I have never been charged customs fees to receive any EM order, so I’m not sure at what point the US will slap you with customs fees. Here’s the invoice for the PL Charlie that I ordered in Nov. 2013:

Photo Jan 11, 9 17 27 PM

  • Quality of Product: EM is notoriously known for fit and construction consistency issues. This is why so many international customers engage in bra fit support groups to try and determine what size they need to order from EM. Additionally, EM as a brand fits their customers somewhat differently to the way that many other people fit themselves, and as such there is confusion about size to begin with. Speaking from personal experience, I have ordered and received bras that were the same size and style, but fit vastly different and were made at a different level of quality….case in point:


This is the custom PL Gazeta (95J) I ordered and my PL Charlie (95J) together with the Charlie on top. The PL Gazeta’s wires are significantly wider, and the cups are shallower. In addition, the wires in the Gazeta are incredibly flimsy; I could bend them almost in half without worry of them snapping. Also, remember the fail that the PL Burgund was? 

Reality: I custom ordered a bra that I thought I would love, but due to consistency issues, the bra does not fit and is – what I feel unwearable – and also non-returnable. The PL Gazeta costed me $80 including shipping et al.

  • Customer feedback on products AND service: Feedback on products is typically positive. If your boobs get on with the narrow wires and cup shape of EM, their bras are going to be really good for you. There’s always a lot of hype about the prints and designs that EM sends out, and there is a reason. Service, again, can be dicey. I’ve read many times complaints about the tone of emails which trends toward snarky, as well as an inconsistency with what is available for custom order and what is not (i.e. seeing that some products come in a certain size and then being told that you can’t order a similar item in that size). I have personally had both of these things happen to me – snark and confusion.
  • Resale potential: As mentioned, custom orders are non-returnable…so what happens if your bra doesn’t fit? No worries! There is a lot of demand for EM bras, so resale potential is typically pretty high, specifically on eBay, Bratabase and the Clothes for Boobs Facebook group.

A special note about the VAT tax and paypal fees: 

I recently had a complete order sent back to Poland (you know, the order I was really looking forward to with the SM nana and the S grace???). I was told that in order to get my order in the US, I would have to pay for reshipment. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty here – I would have been willing to pay for reshipment of my order had I not already overpaid for my order. What I mean is that this specific order totaled up at 639.36 zł. ($210.49). Remember that EM charges the VAT tax  – 23% – on each item. Let me show you:

Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 10.56.57 PM

On this specific order, between the VAT tax on each item, plus the PayPal fee (including VAT tax), I paid an extra 142.32 zł, which is equal to $46.85….. And oh goodness, seeing that number makes my blood boil. Why does that number make my blood boil? Because the VAT tax is a tax on items purchased by members of the EU in the EU. Meaning that international businesses should not charge US or Non-EU customers the VAT tax. Now, I’m not sure what the statutes are about this, but it doesn’t sit well with me and many others because it appears to be downright shady.

Again, case in point:

Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 11.05.07 PM

Thanks to a fellow blogger for providing this example for me.

So take away information on this post:

  • There are certain risks to ordering from Ewa Michalak (customer service, language barriers, custom fees, VAT tax, and the potential for your order to be sent back w/out you knowing)
  • They have a limited return policy
  • Bras are made with narrow wires and deep cups, so if this doesn’t suit your shape, you are taking a gamble
  • Prices are comparable to British and US brands
  • There is some inconsistency with quality and fit


What about you? What kind of experiences have you had in ordering from Ewa Michalak?