Plus Size Bra Review: ‘PL Gazeta’ by Ewa Michalak Revisited

While I never completely reviewed the PL Gazeta that I ordered months ago, I briefly mentioned it in my insider tips post. I never reviewed it because I found it unwearable. The wires were very flimsy, the depth was off, and the band was insanely tight. Ewa herself saw the post, and when I placed my most recent order, she offered to remake the bra for me with better underwires. While I did not pay for this bra, all opinions are my own.


Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak. This is the CHP style, available in various sizes. You can custom order this in other sizes and styles at EM’s discretion for an additional charge.

The remade PL Gazeta that I special ordered is a size 95JJ and this is the result…






Features: Half adjustable staps, 3 sets of 3 hooks-and-eyes, PL shape, padded inserts for asymmetry, bow on gore, cute heart appliques on straps, at side, and on closures, narrow wires, lightly padded cups

Fit: The fit on the remade PL Gazeta is 10000000000 x better than the first one that I received (which I still have). The gore lifts ever so slightly, and there’s no way that this would fit with the pads in it. The band is still quite snug, but I’m sure it will loosen with wear. I find that I have to loosen the straps all the way in order for this bra to not feel like a straight jacket. It’s a tight puppy.

Support and Shape: The support is really nice and what I expect from the PL bras. The shape is good, with a lower apex than the S bras.

Look and Feel: I LOVE THIS PRINT SO MUCH. AND THE HEARTS. WHY DOESN’T EVERY BRA HAVE THESE HEARTS?! And oh, my cleavage looks amazing. That is all.

Other Thoughts: This is a much improved fit thanks to EM remaking the bra for me. I love the playful girlyness and print on this bra, and it’s so stunning to look at.

Overall Grade: B…it would be higher if the darn thing wasn’t so stinkin tight…. 

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Plus Size Bra Review: ‘S Tęczowe Kfiaty’ by Ewa Michalak

As part of my recent EM order, I also picked up this gorgeous bra that I will simply refer to as S Rainbow Flowers in a size 95JJ. This bra is available from EM in various sizes up to a 95JJ for 149.00zł or about $49.50











Features: Half adjustable straps, 4 sets of 3 hooks-and-eyes, ribbon detail on gore, padded inserts for asymmetry, lightly padded cups, french leavers lace on cups and band, higher bridge for softer breasts

Fit: The fit on the S Rainbow Flowers is quite nice. I would say that the depth is a tad bit smaller than my recently reviewed S Porcelanka. In addition, the band on this bra is a bit firmer than the S Porcelanka, though not uncomfortable by any means. I wear this on the first set of hooks. The gore lays almost flat and floats just the teansiest at the very top of the gore. As with all EM bras, the wires are a bit narrow and low for me, but I am able to pull all of my breast tissue into the cups.

Support and Shape: Nicely lifted and shaped with a higher peak than the PL style.

Look and Feel: The lace on the band is kind of itchy, but other than that I have no complaints. When I first saw this bra I really did not think that I would like it. The colors are very bold, but I wanted to try this bra anyways. When I pulled it out of the box I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved the print. It’s really quite gorgeous. I also love that the print is carried on to the straps, as this adds a really nice touch to it. I also love the ribbon detail on the gore.

Other Thoughts: While I prefer the S Porcelanka to this bra, I really love this one too. It’s very secure and I like that the band is more firm as I will get more wear out of it. It’s a truly wonderful looking bra.

Overall Grade: A+ easily a staple in my bra wardrobe.

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2014 Swimwear: Torrid Skirted One-Piece





Image Courtesy of Torrid….sorry for the size. Available in sizes 0-4 for $78.50

Well, it’s definitely that time of year again…..retailers are churning out their newest styles, colors and designs of swim suits to get you amped up for warmer weather. I’ll be honest….the ridiculous weather in Ohio is really starting to get to me. And any day that it’s 40 degrees feels like summer (that’s really how cold it has been here). As I write this post, there’s a winter storm warning (Titan, I am told), with the threat of schools being closed on Monday.

But I digress…. I’m always on the hunt for a good swim suit. When it comes to fit in the boob area, I am usually fairly lax with regard to swimming. As long as my nipples are covered and I have no fear of falling out, I don’t typically care how much cleavage there is. Also, I prefer one piece suits. This is a personal preference of mine. I also like skirted suits cause I am self conscious of my tummy and can hide it this way…

So imagine my sheer joy when I saw Torrid’s latest swim suit a week ago….(pictured above). While I wasn’t thrilled about the price, I loved the color and the shape of the suit. I decided to order it and give it a try.



Cute? Check. Color? LOVE. Shape? Pretty good. Fit???? Wellll…..

I ordered this in a 3 which is Torrid’s equivalent of a 22/24, roughly. I find that I currently wear about a 20 in Torrid’s jeans, and typically a 2 in their tops. My intention in ordering the 3 was so that I would have more boob room. Well…..when I went to put this suit on I was super surprised. Now, I know that this suit is specifically marketed as a hip concealer….but how can it conceal them if it’s impossible to get on? I really struggled to get this suit up over my hips, and the top only stayed up once I put the straps on (the straps are completely detachable). Not a good sign.

Also…the other fit problem….


Now I don’t consider myself to be tall, but if I remember anything from always having my measurements taken for ballet back in the day, I have a longer-ish torso. The problem with this suit is that it is too short in the torso area. In this photo, I simply took a wide step to the side and lifted up the skirt. You could clearly see my underroos. Now, if I didn’t have underroos on, this photo would be downright indecent for public swim time. Unfortunately, this makes the suit completely unwearable for me and I will be returning it. Remember, I’m only 5’4″, so this is pretty bad!

I also found that the straps very easily came unhooked (as you can see in the photos), which would be a problem for active swimming.

Pros: Color, shape, skirted silhouette

Cons: Length of torso, runs small, straps come easily unhooked


BONUS photo….a nod to Zoe over at Weirdly Shaped’s post about thinspo photos....

My thigh gap 🙂


Plus Size Bra Review: ‘S Porcelanka’ by Ewa Michalak


Photo courtesy of Ewa Michalak

The S Porcelanka is available in various sizes, up to a 95JJ. Price is 149.00zł, which is about $49.50

I purchased the S Porcelanka in a 95JJ (42JJ) as part of a recent order, and an attempt to discover if any of the other EM models will work better for me. I went into the order fully disclosing my identity (after my most recent problems with delivery of an order). When I made note of who I was, EM offered to send me a replacement PL Gazeta which I will revisit in a later post. Anyways, I paid for this bra 🙂






Features: Half adjustable straps, four sets of 3 hooks-and-eyes, narrow wires, higher bridge for – as EM calls it – “difficult breasts” – sweet crystal on the gore, lightly padded construction. This does NOT have inserts for asymmetry.

Fit: This is probably the best fit I have ever had in an EM bra; honestly. The wires are a tad narrow and low for me, BUT because the cups are deeper and the gore/bridge is higher, I am more covered and locked in. I have worn this bra to work (WHAT?!) and have not had to adjust at all throughout an 8 hour day of teaching/sitting/wrestling children. I would say that the band is big, but I need to take that with a grain of salt. I haven’t taken my measurements lately, but I have lost 16 pounds and have been working out quite regularly, thus changing the fit of a lot of my bras. Anyways, I’ve found that I can already wear this on the tightest hooks and HAVE to in order to keep the wires in place on my body. I will have to alter this and/or order a smaller size at some point. I would say that the band is comparable to the PL Charlie – which is slightly stretchy.

Support and Shape: The support is great; the wires are comfy once in place, and as with all EM bras, the support and shape can’t be beat. I find that I prefer the shape of the S bras to the PL just as a personal preference. It feels more lifted, with a higher apex than the PLs.

Look and Feel: I love this bra for its simple beauty. The accent on the gore is just enough to make it special, and the lace is nice too. It’s a nice basic bra that is super comfy.

Other Thoughts: This is the first time I have had problems with strap placement on an EM bra. I think a large part of this has to do with the band being too big for me. Sometimes when I wear this, the straps will flip because they are so close to my inner arm. Other than that, I don’t have any issues with this bra.

Overall Grade: A+ This is easily my most favorite, most wearable EM bra.

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Plus Size Bra Review: Panache Sports Bra

**This bra was provided by Panache Lingerie for review purposes, in support of the 2014 Sports Campaign. This does not impact my opinion whatsoever**

Panache Sports Bra


Panache Sports Bra, available in continuity and fashion colors. Sizes 28 DD-H, 30 D-H, 32 C-H, 34-38 B-H, 40 D-GG for $68.00

This will be a quick review from the standpoint that this bra did not fit. As I do with all quick reviews, I’ll write my pros and cons, talk about the features of the bra and go from there. Unfortunately, I was not able to test out whether this bra lives up to all of the hype (reducing bounce, etc.), but I will write what I can.

Panache Sport 40GG

The bra was provided to me in a 40GG as this is the biggest cup size that the bra comes in for a 40. As I’m wearing anywhere from a 40HH to a 40JJ at the moment, it’s easy to see why this did not fit. When contacted by Panache, I was told that this bra runs large in the cups, of which I would agree. But still not big enough.

Features: Padded straps and hook and eye closure, thick band with moisture wicking properties, lightly padded cups, racerback option, padded underwires, 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes

Pros: Cups run big, band is thick and supportive, padded straps, racerback option, lift and shape is nice (versus other sports bras that can make you look uniboob or unsupported), and above all….very comfortable. Also, they have lots of different color combinations that range from classic to funky. I love it.

Cons: I would say “limited size range”, but the size range is really quite impressive. I’m just selfish in thinking that this bra should come up to a J cup at least because (1) I think Panache could do it, and (2) I desperately want to wear this bra every single day of my life. Other than that, I have no cons.

I really wish that this bra had fit me because it’s super, super comfortable, and I know that I could imagine myself wearing this bra all the time. In comparison to my Elomi Energise, this bra has very comfortable wires, band, etc. The Panache Sports bra goes above and beyond in the comfort department, and I think it makes it very wearable. If you blind folded me, put me in a closet, and told me to choose which of these bras I would want to wear to work out in, the Panache Sports bra would win. Hands down. Now I just need it two cup sizes bigger.

Keep in mind that I was not able to try this bra will doing any sort of exercising, so it’s possible that the pro and cons lists would have varied slightly had I been able to really put this bra to the test. However, if you’re looking for more information about how the bra holds up in a workout, check out any of the reviews listed below.

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Plus Size Bra Review: Ewa Michalak ‘PL Charlie’

I have come out of blogging respite to bring you a review of one of my new favorite bras 🙂

I recently purchased and received one of Ewa Michalak’s AW bras, the PL Charlie


The PL Charlie is available up to a 42JJ for about $55 + shipping

On my first run, I ordered this bra in a 95J (42J). I have gained some weight as noted in a previous post, and the weight gain has impacted my band size and also my cup size. The Stalowka that I have in a 90J is okay in the band, but too small in the cups and I have not worn it in a long time.

Anyways, here’s the photos of this gorgeous piece of lingerie…


Sorry for the grainy quality; blogging for a year and a half and still taking selfies!Image


Features: Fully adjustable straps, four rows of three hooks and eyes, insertable cookies for extra padding or to correct asymmetry, button detailing where straps meet cups, big white ribbon bow on center gore, narrow wires

Fit: The gore is nice and flat in this size, and the cups contain all of my breast tissue. I emphasize the word breast tissue, because even in this new EM size that I am trying, I am still running into the problem of the wires being too narrow + too low for my armpit fat to be pulled into the cups. It’s not uncomfortable by any means, and my weight gain has resulted in quite a bit more armpit fat…BUT, the cups fit, and I don’t get any spillage of actual breast tissue. The band was immediately comfortable on first try on, and I do think that I will have to tighten up very early on into the life of this bra.

Support and Shape: As with any EM bras, I get a much more lifted and forward facing shape than I do with any other brand of bras that I wear (Curvy Kate, Elomi, etc.). The support of the PL is definitely more of a relaxed, jiggly cleavage kind of support though. It has its place. The shape is nice and rounded and lifted.

Look and Feel: Menswear inspired pieces are always a welcome change of pace to the normal florals and jewel tones that we see in most lingerie collections. I really love the print, and I really love the buttons and bows on this bra. It’s classy but sexy. The inside of the cups are lined with cotton, which I think is a nice touch.

Other thoughts: This is really nicely made. I love EM bras for their style, support and shape, but the caveat that I always have to cope with is the narrow wires (which I don’t need/want), as well as the limited functionality of these bras for me. I work with children, and this level of support/cleavage is not warranted nor is it comfortable for a long day at work. However, these bras are fantastic for dresses, sexy time, etc. I have a hard time spending $55 on a special occasion bra….but I do love this and it is worth it, at least to me. I do love that there are four rows of hooks and eyes, as I feel like I will get more life out of this bra as it is worn.

Overall Grade: A …. I would grade it an A+ except for my own quirks with the brand. 

Other Reviews of this Bra: Miss Underpinnings (65G) 

I did decide to order this bra in a 95JJ (42JJ) to see if I could tuck any more armpit chub into the cups…BUT I also started working with a personal trainer again, so I’m hoping that I don’t really need a 95JJ in the long run. I also have an SM Nana, S Grace, PL Gazeta (SQUEAL!), and the matching panties for the PL Charlie on their way, so expect reviews hopefully, fingers crossed, before the new year.


Gossard Colour Clash, 30F

I lusted over this set, at about the same time last year, yet it just fell short of my christmas wish list as the Firecracker Deco pipped it to the post. I finally got my hands on it, in Gossard’s sale room at a great price, I got the bra in a 30F, the knickers and suspender belt in XS.

Photo on 19-11-2013 at 09.30 #2

The bra: It is half-padded, the red part at the bottom has foam padding whilst the pink lace on top is unpadded, this gives a sort of retro-y pointy shape to it. The straps are thick and fully adjustable, they’re silky soft to the touch but I haven’t had any problem with the adjustors slipping down as of yet. The wires are average-narrow, they work quite well for me. The back has a 3 hook fastening, which in this style comes in F cup and above. The strappy band at the back is a signature of Gossard bras, and looks really cool here with the big thick straps.

Photo on 19-11-2013 at 09.31

Photo on 19-11-2013 at 09.30 #3

Photo on 19-11-2013 at 09.30 #4

The fit: First off, it’s too small in the cup, I have cutting in across the top of my boob and I could probably use a 30FF in this. If you’re between sizes like me, choose your bigger size. The band is okay, it is firm for a 30 band. I’m wearing it on the tightest hook and could probably use a 28 in order to get more wear out of it, but this is not a huge complaint. As I mentioned, the shape is kinda pointy, I feel like this is deliberate and would look great under vintage dresses, I usually shy from anything even slightly pointy but this has swayed me a little.

The set: The matching bottoms in an XS fit well, and I think it looks great as a 3 piece set. The suspender straps are thick and silky like the bra straps, and I haven’t had an issue with slipping on these either. The same material for the bra (sans foam padding) is used for the knickers and belt, red satin and pink lace.

Photo on 19-11-2013 at 09.30

My verdict? I love it as a set, the colours are loud and bright. Most of the 3 piece sets I own err on the side of sexy; black lace, strappy straps, etc. this is still sexy, but in a more fun way. I love it.  I know the bra doesn’t really fit, but this is one item of lingerie I’m keeping as a ‘looks great’ one, rather than an ‘amazing fit’ one.

(I) Love Claudette

Unfortunately for me, Claudette is a brand that I have only recently tried/discovered, unfortunate because I LOVE them and wish I’d been buying them for years. I had never thought to try the (arguably) most popular model the ‘dessous’, because I hate 3 part cups. Freya put me off them forever, and I didn’t think there was any hope for reconciliation. When I ordered one from asos’s sale on the recommendation of my boob shape twin Petite & Plentiful, I had already resigned myself to trying it, reviewing it, returning it. Boy was I wrong, angels sang when I put that bra on, I bought 2 more, I haven’t worn much else since.

First up: Dessous in Peony Limeade, 30FF

Photo on 13-09-2013 at 16.10

This is a gorgeous pastel-pale pink, with a bright, luminous yellow trim. The pink works really well as a nude for me, much better than any beige tone bras. The straps are thick and sturdy, although they are quite long and I have to tighten them a lot. The band is thick and supportive even with the mesh fabric, and fastens with a 3 hook fastening. The cups feel quite true to size for me, I get a little wrinkling at the top of the cup especially on my smaller boob, but I discovered that going down a cupsize is too small. The side wings come down low compared to a lot of bras in this size, great for those of us with petite frames, and it saves my underarms from possibly painful chafing. The only complaint I have about these is that the edging does sometimes pinch at the underarm when I’m doing some sort of strenuous activity.

The shape is very natural compared to the Freya Deco or Masquerade Rhea that I usually wear, it provides support with just a little uplift. The wires are narrow, U shaped, and fit me quite perfectly.

Second purchase: Dessous in Leopard and black, 30F


The other two bras I have are the same style and fit as the peony limeade, only in different colours.

I had to get a 30F in this, because that’s all I could locate in the UK (I’ll come back to this later). It seems to fit okay, but it is just a little small, I get a little quadboob and my boob feels a bit ‘squashed in’ to the cup. But there’s no way I’m parting with this, the sheerness of the cup makes the leopard print a little less ‘in your face’ which is why I usually shy away from it, and it’s subtly sexy.

My latest addition: Neon Dessous in green, 30FF

Photo on 13-09-2013 at 16.07

I can’t show you in photos just how BRIGHT this bra is, it is luminous, it could stop traffic at night. I like how it shows through thin shirts, letting me add a little bit of quirk to any outfit.

My future additions:

Cyber Yellow Dessous SS13


Fishnet Double cup bra AW13


Longline Dessous for SS14



I bought these bras in 30 bands, because that’s all I could get my hands on, but claudette do make 28 bands, and if I’m going to buy these bras full price this season I want it to be in my actual size, not a sister size. No UK retailers as of yet stock Claudette in this size, and very few even stock in my sister size, and I can’t order from the USA because of sky high customs/import charges. Petite & Plentiful has started a campaign, asking UK retailers to pick up the 28 bands, and I really do think there is demand for it. If you like claudette and wear a 28 band, tell retailers, there is a template email in the campaign post, and hopefully we can influence some stockists. Lingerie insight also got in on the action with an article about the campaign here.

The bra that made me love my boobs again.

I used to love my boobs, when I was younger, I really did. They looked awesome and cleavagey in my La Senza 32Cs, and a low cut top was a sure fire confidence booster for me.

Getting properly fitted into a 28E, at around December time, was definitely more comfortable, and my back pain was all but gone. But so was my cleavage. I found myself sighing at the mirror, in well fitted bras that didn’t spill over in that sexy ‘too small bra’ kind of way that I knew and loved. There’s no way I’d go back to those bras, but I tried all the ‘cleavage bras’, Freya Deco, Gossard ego boost, Curvy Kate Tempt Me, and none of them brought back that wow factor I wanted.

Fast forward a few months and I’m in a hotel room in manchester waiting to board an early morning flight, I pull out of my suitcase a bra I bought cheaply on ebay but haven’t tried on yet, and I give it a go. The band is tight, but I have an extender with me so no worries, and the straps are wide so I put on a racerback clip, I look in the mirror and..


And just like that, I was happy again, and I felt amazing. I spent all of my holiday strutting around in bikinis and wearing bralets, and even wearing this bra as a top, and I loved every minute of it.

I am of course, talking about the Masquerade Rhea.


And this is infact, the photo I took in that hotel room where I loved my boobs again.

I since outgrew the 28FF, and I have 3 in 28G sat proudly in my bra-drobe, and they get worn a LOT. My favourite has the straps moved in, the other two are awaiting this treatment, but get worn racerback style.

Here’s a comparison of the three I currently have.

The ice blue, is the bra as it comes, no add ons, the purple, has the straps tied into a racerback, and the bottom one, the antique, I moved the straps inwards and this is the one I like best.

rheaside (copy)rheafront (copy)

Sidenote: The bottom one looks too small, I know, I foolishly pulled my shoulders back for the side-on photo and didn’t realise until later. It fits, I promise 🙂

This is a bra that I cannot recommend enough to anyone whose boobs are narrow(ish) rooted and full on top, it is extremely flattering, but comfortable and versatile as an everyday bra too.

But, it is obviously not without it’s drawbacks. The band is not great, not great at all, it’s firm, which is good for me at the moment and I no longer need to use an extender, but it is only partially stretchy and can cut in, in an unsightly manner. But I don’t find it uncomfortable, and it doesn’t bother me unless I catch a glimpse of my back in this bra. The other issue is one I discussed, the straps being too wide set. I don’t want to discuss this further in fear of the designer becoming offended and accusing me of wearing the wrong size, but I do have this problem in a lot of bras, so I know this won’t be an issue for everyone. I also shortened the halfway adjustable straps, because they were slipping off my shoulders. Silky and too long is not a good combination for bra straps.

Considering it’s downfalls, I go a long way to make this bra work for me, because it really does feel amazing. If you fall into the size range and haven’t tried one yet, give it a go, you might just love it.


P.S Here’s some other perspectives on this bra; Bras I Hate & Love, PetitePlentiful, Sophisticated Pair, Undiegamer, NoobsBoobs

Plus Size Swimwear Review: Elomi ‘Isis’ SS’13

This is what the Isis looks like on a model:







And this is what it looks like on me…..


Photo lightened to show detail; much apologies about the graininess of the photo.



When I tried this, I got the swim bra in a 40HH, the bottoms in a 20 and the top in a 20. All US sizes.

Here is the swim bra:





The bra gives a gorgeous shape from the front…and I don’t know if you can see in the second photo…but the wires are impossibly high and fairly narrow for Elomi’s bras.

I did feel as though I could have used a larger size in the swim top, but I don’t know that one was available at the time I ordered.

PROS: The swim bra is a bandeau bra and, as such, is multiway. I loved that it could be strapless, halter, racerback, or even just the traditional way. Also, the bra has boning in the front and sides of the cups to really shape your bust and hold it up. The actual style of the swimsuit is super cute, and in the right size, could be very flattering.

CONS: The wires on the side of the bra were impossibly high. Also, the band is super stretchy (and only clasps with a bikini clasp) so I was really worried about how this would do in the water. The swim top doesn’t really allow for a whole lot of bust room on the upper end of the size range, so just keep that in mind if you decide to try this. Also, the gore on the swim bra is impossibly wide. With this being a padded swim bra + a wide gore, I had a lot of fit issues. No matter what I did, I could not get the gore to lay flat. I need a thinner gore (usually 0.75″ or less) and this gore was 1″ wide at the top, 4.5″ tall, and probably closer to 2″ wide at the bottom by the band. Also, price is a con….this is on sale now, but it wasn’t when I ordered it to try it.

Happy summer!